30 bài văn mẫu tiếng Anh cực hay

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30 bài văn mẫu tiếng Anh cực hay với chủ đề gần gũi là nguồn tư liệu vô cùng bổ ích giúp ôn thi hiệu quả và trau dồi kỹ năng viết đáng kể.


29 English Essays

Topic  1. Why should Students enter university?

University is the place where students get knowledge and new experiences. Studying in university gives a vast exposure to the student in his specified field. University builds a professional base in the student.

Till their higher school students used to study in various fields. They have to read different subjects which are not in their career streams. Therefore they attend college or universities to get ample knowledge of their field. Universities and colleges have experienced staff in diverse fields. Everyone is professional in their stream therefore students gets the opportunity to learn from these persons(professors) various skills in their stream which is not possible while studying in higher school.

Secondly various projects, researches, assignments and practical scenarios are conducted in universities or colleges from where students get exposure and experience to various problems which they might have to face in their real life while practicing. Like in dentistry the students have to work on tooth for scaling, wiring etc from which they get practical exposure.

Moreover universities have huge libraries carrying thousands of books of different subjects and other study material like fictional, non-fictional, journals, newspapers, reports which are huge sources of information for the students and teachers.

Various recreational activities are conducted in universities. Sports meet, youth festivals, Conferences, Seminars, Debates, Declamation contests etc which also helps in getting new experiences.

As a whole while studying in college or universities students build confidence as a trait in themselves which is very essential to be successful in life. So I think people attend college to get exposure, experience, confidence, increased knowledge, career preparation as a whole.

Topic 2 Are parents best teachers?

I do strongly agree the idea that parents are the best teachers. This I agree for following reasons.

The first teachers we have in our lives in most cases are our parents. They teach us to walk, to speak, and to have good manners before we reach he real world. ?More than even the professional teachers that we have in school, parents are generally the most involved in the development and education of children.

Almost for sure our parents are the best teachers at the beginning of our lives, which actually corresponds to the parents’ role in nature. Parents are most committed and involved in teaching their children; they have a kind of instinct to sacrifice a part of themselves for the betterment of their children. They love us and have great patience while passing down their knowledge to us. They wish us a success and thus will not teach us bad things. And of course, implicit learning occurs when children unconsciously copy some of their parents’ habits and styles of behavior.

During the second stage of child development, adolescence, parents can still be in the best position to offer advice even though the children might not accept it. In this case, perhaps the child’s friends would be the best teachers. Adolescents are notoriously rebellious in many cultures and may automatically reject some advice from their parents. My first marriage for instance, was solely a matter of doing the opposite when my parents tried to intrude in offering advice. So in such matters, parents should be much more flexible and be rather the partners with their children.

So we can see that being a teacher of growing child becomes more and more complicated case as the time passes and many parents are simply not able to meet the increased demands.

Topic 3. Parents and teachers

Obviously, the earliest teachers we have in our lives in most cases are our parents, and they are generally the most involved in the development and education of their children. Yet neither are all parents good teachers nor are those good parents the best teachers. First of all, not all parents are good teachers. As normal individuals, some parents more or less have bad habits. Even though parents almost instinctively devote themselves to cultivating their offspring, the outcome might turn out to be disappointment, for all children tend to unconsciously or subconsciously copy every thing from their parents. Another deficiency of parents as teachers is the fact that most parents are lack of common senses of education. All too often we observe some parents tend to pursue their cherished but failed dream by forcing their children to develop in a prearranged direction. Ironically, if their children did not follow the instructions, the children would be regarded as disobedient or allegedly rebellious. In fact, it is parents rather than their children that virtually disobey common senses. Moreover, some parents are qualified as good teachers, but not all of them are the best ones. When children are in the preliminary school, it is not surprising that parents are capable of teaching their children almost every subject even better than professional teachers in the school. But the situation will not last long. We live in a world where knowledge is accumulated by multiplying and at the same time becomes more and more specialized. Therefore, to be a professional in a certain field today takes much longer time than ever before. No parent is able to be professional in all fields, though they might be experts in one or more fields. Wise parents often release rather than charge their children as early as possible. They are aware of the possibility outside the family. Parents may, nevertheless, help their children much more than do good teachers. Most parts of children education are virtually beyond teachers' reaches. It is parents that supplement. Psychology studies have shown us that parents' love sometimes has astonishingly magic power to their children. Albert Einstein's mother and

Forest Gump's mother are both good examples. On the other hand, parents might do their children harm more than do bad teachers as well. The natures of those children whose parents have divorced are often severely distorted. In a word, it is rather superficial to simply say that parents are the best teachers.


Topic 4. Has the ease of cooking improved people`s life?

Nowadays, wherever we turn our gaze, we can see different types of food that are easier to prepare. It cannot be doubted that our eating style has encountered a revolutionary change in the last few decades. It is the change in the type of food that has had the greatest influence. For instance, we can buy frozen food in a supermarket and just prepare it in a couple of minutes, whereas before it could have taken us maybe hours to prepare this kind of meal. Not only have the recipes of certain food types have been altered, but also new ones have been created. Examples include yet are not restricted to beef hamburgers, potato chips, readymade available yogurt, frozen meat and cold drinks. I would accept that this so called improvement changed our lives, but I believe there are some drawbacks as well.

It is true that these kinds of food do not involve hard work to prepare, but food that is easy to prepare generally has some artificial ingredients mixed in it that makes it asy to prepare. ?If we take time to read the ingredients, we would definitely come across the words like preservatives or artificial flavorings. Many newly emerged types of food have not the essence of a omplete meal?as defined by the nutritionists. To add to the problem, these food types are often served alone. In fact, there are many medical reports warning people from depending upon such fast meals in their food. Other reports indicate a high potential of malnutrition among those who are ddicted?to the common duet of burgers and colas.

Not having to cook has also taken the fun out of cooking. Cooking is an art, but in today’s world, this is no truer. People are so busy in their work that they just rely on these simple foods. The invention and production of these foods have made people lazy not only for cooking but also for a well family gets together. It was not like former times when families

would sit together and eat freshly baked food. With the absence of regular family get together, relationships are likely to be weaker.

People think that fast prepared food types do improve our style of life. This opinion comes especially from bust people, working wives, and younger people. They believe

that we have many things in life more important than eating. Time spent on food preparation is considered waste by them. Wives will have more time to care of their families’ souls not just stomachs. Family relationships will get stronger. Business men and women will have more time to concentrate on their arrangements. In general, people will have a greater opportunity to take care of their minds and hearts.

I agree with that food preparation should take its necessary time and care. Otherwise, the time saved in food preparation can lead to longer times of headache or even of staying in hospitals suffering from malnutrition.


Topic 5. Are books more important than experience?

Many people have said that not everything that is learned is contained in books, while many people also say that we get most of our knowledge from books. In my point of view, the latter one is as important as, if not more important than the former one, Although not everything is contained in books, we have to learn most of the things in books. Among countless reasons, which influence the former one, I explore the most conspicuous aspects as follows:

The main reason I agree with the argument is that knowledge contained in books is systematic. As we know, almost all the books are the children of the marriage of the author’s thought with the real world. In order to express themselves, they surely use a very systematic structure to form a book, which have a specific note of their thought and experiences. With the systematic structure, we can learn things gradually, by our own pace and we need not to worry that if we had miss some of the important details because systematic structure never drop the essential points. What we only need to do is follow the instructions directed by the author and grasps the content by our consideration.

There is another reason that deserve some words here, however, is that learning by reading books is an efficient way of accumulating knowledge. In ancient world, no books existed, and people should realize the world by exploring everything by themselves. This method apparently takes too much time and energy. But with the ready-made knowledge provided by the books put in front of us, why not take on it directly? It will save us a lot of time to take advantages of others’ thought and experiences than we explore them by ourselves.

It would not be too kindly disposed to the idea that not learning knowledge in books is not important. Of course, gaining knowledge from experience is not without advantages. Because experiencing the life by oneself would be more impressive and could affect you for a lifetime. Such examples are not rate in our personal life.

In a word, to choose way of gaining knowledge is something of a dilemma to public because they sometimes are confused by the seemingly good qualities of learning by experiences, but neglect the most genuinely good aspect of learning by reading. For the reasons presented above, I strongly commit to the notion to by reading, not by experiences.


Topic 6. Should a factory be built in your community?

Nowadays, some people may hold the opinion that a factory should not be built near a community, but others have a negative attitude. As far as I concerned, I deem that the benefits far exceeds its disadvantages. My arguments for this point are listed as follows.

The main advantage of building a factory is that it can make the local area more prosperous by increasing revenue, developing markets and keeping competition, and sometimes it can help economically underdeveloped areas throw off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity. A good case in point is that Zibo, a small village before, built its first factory of colored glaze fifteen years ago. From then on, many factories were erected one after another, whose competition impacted on the transformation from an inward-looking economy to a more market-oriented economy. Now, the first factory probably has gone bankrupt, but Zibo became a big city with moderate prosperity.

In addition, building factories is an effective measure to resolve the problem about the pressure of employment. With the increasing number of laid-off workers, employment is being regarded as the primary problem of national economic policy. It is reported that officially registered urban unemployment in China was 3. 1 percent or about 5. 8 million people in 1999, and the number was up to 9. 2 million in 2000. This trend suggests that unemployment is a more serious problem than inflation. However, building a new factory, especially a labor-intensive factory, can increase domestic demand and benefit mitigation of employment pressure.

Admittedly, pollution such as the noise, industrial sewage and effluent gas, may be caused by a factory, which can make negative influence of the normal life and health of the neighborhood. But not all the factories will do that, and with practical applications of the production technology, pollution caused by factories can be avoided.

All in all, it is not easy to take a clear-cut position on such a controversial issue. But taking into account of all the factors that I have discussed in the above analysis, I believe that building a factory near a community is advisable.


Topic 7. What would you change about your hometown?

If I could change one thing about my hometown, I would like to build some useful and advanced facilities for its use. A modern library, an advanced broad band system and a modern gym may bring a lot of changes to people living in my hometown and keep them up with the latest information and technology.

In my opinion, a modern library in my hometown can provide a good environment for the local people to study and upgrade themselves. There are a lot of newspapers, magazines and reference books for their use. They can know what happened around the world and keep up with the fast- pace of today’s world. "Knowledge is strength". Knowledge can guide us to overcome problems we face in our daily life.

To popularize the use of broadband cable system at homes enables people to get a quick access to the Internet and TV channels. Because of the Internet, our lives have been changed a lot. We can read news, shopping, chat with our friends, send pictures to anyone and watch the movies online. People can also have a lot of choices over TV programs offered through a broadband. A pay-per-view system provides different types of movie for you to choose from. People will have more choices to enjoy life and the advanced technology at home.

Besides learning and entertaining, we also need to do exercises to keep a healthy life. This is the reason why I want to build a modern gym in my hometown. Through exercises such as swimming, jogging, playing tennis, people can enhance their immune systems and enjoy life fully. Furthermore, people can develop positive attitudes towards life by doing exercises. This is really important.

In summary, I want my hometown to be a city equipped with a modern library, an advanced broadband system and a modern gym. I would people in my hometown have advanced knowledge, use advanced technology and home and lead a healthy life.


Topic 8.  How do movies or TV affect people?

For decades, television had played a very important role in our life. It had changed our living and entertaining way in a great way, and I believe that it had also influenced our behavior, both for the better and for the worse. Firstly, movies and television make us more violent. We are being accustomed the violent scenes on the movies where there are brutal and icy faces with killing machines in their hands. We are also forgetting that killing someone is permanent, because the actors that were killed in a film can come back for another movie. And finally, have you ever imagined that you were Arnold Schwarzenegger in the “Terminator” when you watch that film? Secondly, movies and television are making us less active. We think that movies and television contain everything so we do not have to go out to chat or play games with our friends. Staying in and watching television for a long time can seriously damage us, both mentally and physically. Watching movies is passive. We receive everything that the director gives to us. Some of them may be good, some may be bad but the most important thing is we will lose our imaginary ability. And we may act like the actors on the movie. On the contrary, we cannot oppose that television has good influence to us. There are good movies that can make us change our prejudices of something like “racial dividing”. Even education programs can help us behave more graciously and wisely. Moreover, by watching movies, we can temporarily escape from our problems and that will help you reduce your stress. Anyway, television and movies have their strong influence to our behavior. Whether the influence is good or bad depends on how long we watch them, what we watch and how we respond to them because everything is advantageous in a way and disadvantageous in another.


Topic 9. Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?

One of the most famous inventions in 20th century is television and nowadays we cannot deny its influence to our life. There is a common question that has television destroyed communication among friends and family? I personally believe that television has not destroyed communication among friends and family. In this essay I try to explain my opinion with some reasons.

First of all, television is the most common media which is found in each home. It is faster than newspaper to tell the news, more economical than Internet to access information. Television not only is an enjoyable device for everyone but also joins family members together and brings them good time, for example they can talk about their favorite actor or actress, watching football and betting on their favorite player.

Another reason is that these days people are very busy with their works and have not enough time to go cinema and theater instead television provides for them this chance to have a similar one. Moreover, nowadays towns have become more and more crowded and people do not know each other, while television builds a smallest town with its famous faces and interesting programs.

The last but not the least, in this century human put satellites in the spatial circuits and with relationship between each television set with these satellites the entire world can become unit. In the other words, we can be informed about world news in one second.

Thus, with the above statements that I mentioned, I still believe that television has built a uniform world that let us be aware from all things about it rather than it destroyed communication between us.


Topic 10. Living in a small town vs. a big city

It has long been a controversy among people that living in a small town or in a big city is more preferable. While some people claim that living in such big cities as capital or any other great city can result in more comfortable, others feel that residence in the smaller town cannot merely give them peaceful lives but also make them healthier than people living in a big city. In my opinion, I have prejudice for residence in a small town due to some reasons.

Although town-dwellers can survive considerably more convenient than those who live in the country side having many facilities and amenities for them, they must confront with much pollution in their hometown. That tiny particles from big industries and toxic gases from million cars tend to increase more and more are used to characterize the town nowadays.

On the contrary, lacking in advance technologies makes rural life happy and peaceful. Rural- dweller can enjoy living in real nature. They can waste just a little time to go to work, unlike town-dwellers who have much trouble with traffic jam and also they can spend times they left during the day to do more enjoyable and funnier activities such as exercise, shopping or playing game with their children. Moreover, people who live in the country side are likely to have longer longevity and healthier than those who inhabit in the town. High technologies can harm and cause so serious health problems to the people who are denizen of the town.

In conclusion, I would rather live in the small country than in the big city. Even though, the comfort ability in the town appeals many people, I prefer to spend my life simply and happily.


 Topic 11. Does luck has anything to do with success?

Someone says: when people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success. In my opinion, I agree that success need hard work, but sometimes luck is important too.

As the old saying: no pains, no gains. Success mainly depends on hard work. When we talk about some famous people, we all think they are respectable, because we know, at the back of their success; there is how much hard work. For example, Tomas Addison, one of the most famous inventors in last century, spent most of his time in his lab. He often loses in his work and forgets his family and even sleeping or eating. But people all of the world respect him and remember he for ever, his endeavor bring people a lot of happiness and convenience. If Addison just sits in his home waiting for luck or magic, never will he succeed.

Albert Einstein has said that the genius is 99 percent sweeter plus 1 percent luck. Although luck is secondary, we cannot omit it. In fact, in some extent, luck also plays an important role. Each people must have heard the story of an apple and Newton, the apple is Newton’s luck, it’s the God’s gift. Without that apple, may be Newton must spend more time to think and think. May be in our life, people have this kind of experience. For example, when you are working on a mathematics problem, you try and try but cannot get the answer. May be suddenly sometimes, you will think of something or find way, “aha”, the problem is solved.

Any opinion of only emphasizing on hard work or luck is impartial. Hard work is main factor; luck can accelerate one’s success. So both hard work and luck are important.


Topic 12. Should universities spend equal amount of money on sports and libraries?

Whether universities should give the same amount of money to their students’ sports activities as they give to their university libraries is a prevalent topic undergoing serious debate. After pondering it from several aspects, personally, I think it is not necessary for universities to do so.

Libraries should supply student the most up-to-date facilities, which are necessary for students in their education. Most of the facilities are very expensive to buy and maintain, such as computers, access to Internet research databases. Student use them to get research information all around the world. Without these facilities, or given resources of many years ago, students cannot learn what they should be thought.

Another reason is that the cost of books and magazines increases quickly. Books and magazines are another information source to students. Today, more and more useful books and magazines are published. To meet what students need, libraries must spend more money on books and magazines.

Finally, It also cost lots of money for universities to keep the libraries running. Students usually study in the libraries because they provide a quite environment and easy access to books and computers for information. Many things should be done to keep the books in order. With the services that libraries offer, more money is needed.


Libraries is more important for students than sports facilities. from what we discussed above, obviously, it is necessary for universities to give more money to universities libraries.


Topic 13. Why people go to museums?

Nowadays, more and more people travel to new countries or cities on their holidays. Many of them would like to visit museums when they take a tour to a new place. Why do they have this interest? Different people have different answers. In my opinion, I believe that the common reasons are given below.

The most important reason is that people can have the overall impression of a new place by visiting museums. They can learn all sorts of information in museums, such as history, custom, culture, science technology, and so on. As we known, things shown in the museum are reflected the real world. People can easily get the general ideas of a place. For example, you can know how long its history has, who are the first comers of this area, what important events have been taken place, what kinds of life would be like in the past time, and so forth.

Furthermore, travelers want to learn as much as possible about a new place in a short time. For example, foreigners can know China well by visiting many kinds of museums in several days when they travel to Beijing. They can learn the Chinese history from ancient era to contemporary age in Chinese History Museum. They can find out the Chinese culture in Chinese Folk Culture Museum. They can realize the achievements of Chinese science technology in Chinese Science Museum.

In addition, numerous travelers can have fun in museums. For instance, Chinese craftworks are famous all around the world. Many foreign fans would like to visit Craftworks Museum when they come to China. They enjoy these fantastic things, and they even buy some craft gifts there.

All in all, due to the reasons I have talked about above, people would like to visit museums when they travel to a new place. They can get general ideas for a new place in limited time, and enjoy them.


Topic 14. Do you prefer to eat out or at home?

It is a fact that in these days more and more people eat at food stands or in restaurants. I prefer to prepare and eat food at home.

But it is not always easy to cook your own meals. In modern societies role patterns have changed. Many women are not only at home and are responsible for house and cooking. They have to go to work either because they need the money to afford their standard of life or they want to go to work because they like to earn their own money. Many women also have a good education and are not satisfied with staying at home and are driven to reach their individual goals.

I also love my profession and would not like staying at home and only doing homework. But nevertheless I think it is important to be conscious about what we eat. It is also a fact that fast food can lead to difficult health problems. In addition many people suffer from obesity. When I cook my own meals I can decide what ingredients I use.

Another reason why I prefer to prepare food at home is that there is time to sit together with the family. It is a fix time of day where we all sit together at the table. In my opinion this daily routine is very important for children and helps to rise a feeling for the family.

Although I know that it is not always possible to prepare my own meals and we of course sometimes have lunch or dinner at a restaurant or a food stand, in generally I prefer to prepare food at home for this reason.


Topic 15.  Should university students be required to attend classes?

In collages, students have more right to choose whether they need to attend classes or not. Some students think that classes are not necessary for them since they can read any materials by themselves. Others claim that attending classes is still vital because it cannot only increase student’s knowledge but also develop student’s personality. In my view, I agree that attending classes is still important for student’s lives.

First, while attending classes, students can get some extra knowledge that they probably cannot find in any books. Teachers always add their own knowledge into their classes. Some knowledge comes from their real experience while others come from reading various kinds of books. Therefore, for students, attending classes seems to be a shortcut for them to learn and get much knowledge since they cannot get such large amount of knowledge from reading only one or even a few types of books.

Moreover, attending classes is also a good way for students to practice their responsibilities. After student enrolled in some classes, they need to force themselves to go to every class no matter what time the classes is. Moreover, finishing any task and homework that students got from their classes can also improve student’s responsibility. Therefore, attending classes can also be to good way for practicing student’s responsibility which is very vital when they go to work.

Finally, students who participate in classes can exchange their idea and knowledge with other friends. For example, while I attended classes, teachers always asked me and my classmates to express our own idea in some particular topics. Moreover, teachers also asked us to work in group which we can learn about teamwork. Students who study alone at their home or library may not be able to exchange and share their idea with others. Therefore, even through not attending classes can probably give students as much knowledge as they do while joining in classes, they may not be able to express and show their thought process as good as students who attend classes do.

In short, even though some people said going to class is not necessary for them, I think that, excepted knowledge, students can get something more while attending class.


Topic 16.  What are the qualities of a good neighbor?

"Good morning", my neighbor Ann gave me a sweet smile with her greeting when she saw me out of home. "Save your energy, I’ll keep the door for you. " my neighbor Jim kept the door of the elevator when he saw me heading to the elevator. Such small but friendly things happen to me everyday, because I am lucky to live in a friendly apartment building. My neighbors are polite, helpful and responsible persons, and I have no doubt that they are good neighbors.

A good neighbor is a polite neighbor. When you meet her, for example, she will say hello to you with a smile face. When you walk after her, she will hold the door for you. When your kids wave to her, she will begin a small friendly conversation with the kids. Polite neighbors give you a good mood in your every day’s life.

A good neighbor is a helpful neighbor. For instance, when you take heavy grocery and try to keep yourself in balance, he will give you a hand. When you left your laundry in the washing machine, he will remind you or post a note in the laundry room. When your car is in repair, he will voluntarily give you a ride to shopping mall. Helpful neighbors help you to solve some problems in your life.

A good neighbor is a responsible neighbor. She will not listen the loudly music in the midnight, because she know she has the responsibility to keep a quiet circumstance for her neighbors to sleep well. She will call police when she sees something strange in the neighborhood, keeping a good security for the neighborhood. She will actively involve in

the neighborhood’s affairs, bringing the best for the neighborhood. Responsible neighbors contribute to the neighborhood’s better future.

All in all, politeness, helpfulness and responsibility are the essential characters a good neighbor must possess. Many people hope to have good neighbors and one thing we must not forget is to make ourselves good neighbors in our neighborho

Topic 17.  Do you learn better by yourself or with a teacher?

Today, in our world, there are many ways of learning. But all these ways can be generally grouped into two -- learning by oneself and being taught by a teacher. The former could be further classified into diverse ways of learning which are specific. Reading books, making experiments and making researches can be cited as examples. This kind of learning would be what I prefer if I were to choose.

If a teacher was to teach me, he would most likely make my knowledge confined to what he knows. This means that I will be fully dependent on his knowledge. But if I learn by myself, I would make my own efforts to gain knowledge. Through this, I could broaden my knowledge since there is no limit to knowledge gained through practice (effort). For example in mathematics, if a teacher would show me a method of calculating a problem and that will become the only method I know to solve that specific problem. But if I solve the problem myself by the knowledge I gained from other sources, I would be compelled to search for other easier methods. This may also be connected with memory; you never forget something you learn through the hard way.

The other reason for my preference is that, if by any chance you come to hate (dislike) your teacher you will without doubt start hating what you’re learning as a result you will deprive yourself of what you want to know. You may dislike your teacher because of the way he teaches or because of his behavior or something else, but for whatever reason you hate your teacher, you will obviously lose your enthusiasm for that specific subject matter he is teaching you.


 Topic 18. Should government spend money on highways or public transportation?

Whether governments should spend more money on improving roads and highways or on improving public transportation is maybe one of the most important topics people are arguing about nowadays. When I am asked about this question, I will give my answer, basing on some reasons and details listed below.

Public transportation, as named, is a transportation system for the whole society of a country. It is efficient, when used in a country with high population density, such as China. The number of population is 1. 3 billion here. When every family occupied its own cars, you can imagine what a jam roads will be.

On the other hand, public transportation is economical. A bus with 40 passengers in it consumes mush less gasoline than 40 cars do in all. Of course, with less gas being used, less pollution will be made.

From the advantages I listed above, you may prefer to let our governments pay money on public transportation, but you must know that there are a lot of countries in this world with low population densities. To them, buses, trains and subways are always empty, because it is not convenient for passengers to get to the stations. Even though someone live near a station, they have to wait for a bus several hours, because bus companies do not want to provide a big bus for only several passenger without profit.

From the reasons and details above, we may safely get the conclusion that whether governments should spend more money on improving public transportation or on improving roads and highways depends on the population density in those countries.


Topic 19.  how to improve transportation

If you live in such a big city-Beijing-as I do, with so terrible a traffic situation, you will not be surprised of involving in a heated debate of whether the government should spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should they put money on public transportation improvement. However, as far as I am concerned, this is not a conflict issue, that governments should combine the efficacies of both the two means in order to ameliorate the traffic status at present. Improving roads and highways, which is a fact that everyone knows, can bring about various advantages. First of all, to construct more roads and highways means that more vehicles, in other words, more people, could travel to their destinations more convenient and faster. People now live in the suburb of Beijing but work in the center, are good case in point, whose homes are only several kilometers from downtown, ironically have to rent a house near their work places because of it will take them hours to go home for the bad condition of the roads and the lack of highways. On the other hand, for the government, as a matter of fact, a high input-output ratio is desirable, and the highways which are profitable are capable of prospering the economy, and indeed, raise the national revenue. Is this attractive to any government? Improving public transportation such as buses, trains, subways, which are involved in people's everyday life, is also of great significance, especially for those who do not have personal transportations and have to choose either buses or subways to go to work or go school, and more over, for such a big city as Beijing that has an enormous population. Since it is the government's responsibility to improve the public facilities including public transportation as to make its people leading a better life, money should also be put on this aspect. Taking into account all the factors mentioned above and combining with the character of the city I am now living, I perceive that the government should put more money on improving roads and highways, meanwhile, use the income of them to develop my city's public transportation as well.


Topic 20.  Is it better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city?

In my point of view, growing up in a big city contributes far better to a child than growing in the countryside. We can list all the advantages and disadvantages for both of the two, thus it is easier to make the choice.

Growing up in a big city means the children get a better chance to receive excellent education. As we know, most of the outstanding schools locate in big cities, and living there can give children a easier access to the first-class faculties and facilities. While in the countryside, one cannot guarantee that the quality of the education given there is up todate, and poor education surely will weaken the capability of competing in the future society.

Being brought up in a big city also means that the children live in a environment that involves all kind of people, which plays a key role in forming the children’s cooperation will and will benefit them in the long run. Children meet with different and talk to them, getting to know various types of culture and learning to respect each other. thus they can be capable of dealing with teamwork, which severs as a very important element in this world. Once in countryside, just imagine those familiar people the children meet everyday, it is quite dubious how the children will respond to the multi-culture if they step into a much bigger and more complex society one day.

Besides all of above statements, I think that living in a big city has more fun, cause you always have something interesting at hand to do. Visiting museums and art galleries will entitle children eyes to appreciate the heritages passed down to us, all kinds of society activities can help them to foster a community sense. While living in the countryside is always referred as “the frog at the bottom of a well, all you can see is the little piece of sky formed by the rims of the well”.


Topic 21. Why are people living longer?

In modern society, people are generally enjoying a longer life than they used to do. Thanks to the new technology and the progress in medical science, we now have a better chance to lead a more health and more happy life throughout our lifetime.

The revolution of technology has released people from the arduous work in the past. Some extremely dangerous jobs are done by robots and worker no longer have to stay in some severe working circumstances. As a result, people are given more freedom to enjoy themselves during their spare time. They can go to the countryside for a vocation, where the fresh air is proven to be quite benefit to human bodies, or they devote more into their family life, which in turn keep them feel fit everyday.

The advanced medical science contributes a great deal to the longer lives. Taken doctors’advices, people concern about their physical and mental health more than any time of the past days. People eat healthily, exercise frequently, and when they get sick, there are already all kinds of choices and services available for them. In a word, people nowadays are taken care of by the fast-paced medical science from cradle till graveyard.

Besides, the consciousness about leading a healthier life is rooted more deeply in today’s society, which on a certain level convert the life style of ordinary people to a healthier way. More commonweal advertisement are asking people to quit smoking and drug-addiction, experts’ suggestions about fit-keeping are easier for people to get.

In a word, the longer life is definitely a symbol of the progress of human society, with the cooperation of the world, we shall enjoy a even longer lives and brighter future.


Topic 22. What are some important characteristics of a co-worker?

Nowadays, teamwork is an essential element of the society. We all work with people everyday. A co-worker is a person with whom we work closely and share tasks. In my opinion, the important characteristics of a co-worker should be as followed.

First of all, an important character of a co-worker should be reliability. As we often have to encounter a lot of problems at work, it is a good thing to work with someone that we can always count on. A reliable co-worker can help us with problems that we cannot solve by ourselves. Also, if we happen to be absent from work, a reliable co-worker can always backup what we have been working on and make correct decisions even without us.

Last of all, another important character of a co-worker should be responsibility. Indeed, no one would want an irresponsible person as his or her co-worker. It would be a nightmare if your co-worker does not do anything and leave everything for you to finish. On the other hand, a responsible co-worker not only do his own part of work, but also, as soon he finishes his own, helps you finish yours, which in turn enhances the efficiency of the work. A responsible co-worker can help others work more efficiently by giving others aid in addition to getting their part of job done.

To summarize, as I have stated above, a good co-worker should be reliable and responsible. A co-worker that possesses these characteristics can certainly help enhance the progress of work and benefit his or her colleagues as well.


Topic 23.  Important qualities of a co-worker

We all work or will work in our jobs with many different kinds of people. Everybody wants to work with a good co-work. How to define a good co-work is a prevalent topic undergoing serious debate. After pondering it from several aspects, personally, I think a good co-work must be cooperative, adaptable, and helpful.

The most important characteristic of a good co-worker is that he must have the ability to cooperate with others. As one of a group, a good co-worker knows he must keep up with the pace of the whole group. If one cannot finish his work in time, he will hold up everyone else. A good co-worker always gets his work done efficiently.

Also a good co-work must be adaptable. In a work group, a plan is get from all members of the group. Every can give his advice, but only the reasonable advice can be accepted. No one should be insisted in his opinion that the group cannot take. A good co-work should firstly give out his opinions. And it is more important for him to take advice of others and revise his opinions in time.

Finally, a good co-work must be helpful. Sometimes a member of the work group meets difficulty, or he falls behind in his work. A good co -work has a strong will to help others out of the dilemma. He does not care how often he has to finish another’s work and how much extra work he do after his work being finished.

From what has been discussed above, we can see some important characteristics of a good co-work. I would recommend everyone working in a group consider them and try to be a good co-work of the others


Topic 24. Should teenagers work while they are students?

There is much disagreement over whether it is a good idea for teenagers to have jobs when they are still students. Some people hold the opinion that doing part-time job is a waste of time for teenagers, while others are convinced that having work experiences as teenagers can be beneficial in various ways. I deem the second one as my premier choice. Among countless factors, there are three conspicuous aspects as follows.

The main reason for my propensity is that a great deal of new experiences can be obtained by teenagers who have jobs when they are still students. Under working circumstances, teenagers have a lot of opportunities to cooperate with others, thus their teamwork spirits and leadership skills can be enhanced at a great speed. They can also learn how to get along with other colleagues by doing part-time jobs. All of these skills learned at work are required in order to be successful in the modern society.

The second reason for my view is that teenagers can earn money to support their families by doing part-time jobs. Nowadays, although most of the families are able to afford for their daily activities, such as Internet and television, some of the families are still living in poverty or below the average level. If the teenagers in the families can make some extra money by doing part-time jobs, it may be really helpful to the families.

Last but not least, having part-time jobs when you are still a student is a great opportunity to help you learn how to best organize your time. If the teenagers decided to have some work experiences, they had to contribute some time to their jobs. This could be really long, like 4 hours a day; or this could be considerably short, like half an hour per day. No matter how long it takes for teenagers to do part-time jobs, they certainly have to organize their time really well in order to finish their school work on time. Having part-time jobs when they are still students can help them cultivate a good time-organizing habit, which is highly beneficial to their future development.

Frankly speaking, I agree that there may be some disadvantages for teenagers to have jobs when they are still students. But it is apparent that the advantages far overweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, I strongly recommend that teenagers should have some work experiences when they are still students.


Topic 25. What would a new comer like and dislike about your town?

It is almost always the case that a person who has been living in a rural area for a while confronts certain conveniences and inconveniences of living in a city. One convenience is the number and diversity of stores and shops available in a short distance. A big inconvenience is the traffic congestion that takes place in many places.

One big thing I remind my foreign friend who is planning to move to my city is that there is cultural diversity. My friend is an international student from Japan who is living in a small town in California. As a foreigner, he confronts new cultures practiced by the local people everyday. On the other hand he realizes that there are few stores and restaurants that are native to his culture. It is very normal that such a person gets homesick and starts missing people and products from his own country. Moving to a city will satisfy such need of him because there are many stores, restaurants, and supermarkets that are run by Japanese companies so he will less likely to be homesick any more.

However, there is one big inconvenience about living in a city, which is traffic.

Especially people who drive often feel stressed on the streets which are always full of cars waiting for other cars to move. It is always difficult to find parking spots either in parking lots or on the street. Furthermore, apartments do not always provide sufficient parking spots to their residents. A lot of people who live in city feel less convenient to keep cars and choose to use public transportation. However, unfortunately, the public transportation is not perfectly great around my neighborhood.

My city satisfies and dissatisfies my foreign friend who drives. The availability of stores and shops that are native to his country releases his dissatisfaction about being surrounded by different cultures. However, on the other hand, traffic that is always the problem in big cities gives new stress which he is currently free from. It is a matter of balance between the two features that he needs to settle in.



Soon, a friend of mine will move to my hometown. Due to the fact that he is leaving a small village and entering the life of a big city, he will make some new experiences. On the one hand, he will like the cultural events and shopping opportunities in my hometown, on the other hand he might miss the calm atmosphere of his small village. Without a doubt, there are much more cultural events in my hometown than in a small village. You can go to movie theaters, to musicals or operas, you can visit museums and concerts of famous stars and you have many opportunities to see important sport events, like the games of our soccer team. I think, my friend will enjoy these offers. Furthermore, the shopping opportunities are great in my hometown. We have huge malls with hundreds of different shops which offer you anything you can imagine and even things you cannot imagine. I am sure that my friend will appreciate this new diversity. Altough he will like the advantages of my hometown, he might miss the calm atmosphere of his small village. The town never sleeps. Twenty-four hours a day, you hear traffic noise and you see restless people hurrying from one place to another. Therefore, it is really difficult to find a calm place. Altogether, I believe that my friend will like the life of a big city. The advantages like cultural events and shopping opportunities outweigh possible disadvantages.


Topic 27. Should a new shopping center be built in your neighborhood?

I certainly support that a large shopping center be built in my neighborhood because it will bring us a lot of convenience. It will certainly beautify our neighborhood. And it will also increase our employment opportunities.

If there is a large shopping center nearby, I am sure that almost all of my neighbors will be happy. At present, when I buy groceries I need to drive my car to the superstore and other stores for over 10 kilometers and spend almost one hour to fill my refrigerator every three days. It is really a chore to me. If there is a shopping center just a stone’s throw, I can go there on foot. Then I do not need to drive my car to buy a lot of groceries at a time; moreover, I can save gas and time. When I walk there, it just like that I am taking exercise. I will feel very good to go shopping.

My region will be more beautiful because of this center. The large shopping center will be a beautiful building because the owner of the building will make it gorgeous by every possible way to attract customers. No one would like shopping a dirty, ugly store and the owner of the large shopping center certainly knows it. When the customers walk around,the beauty of the building and upholstery appeals to them; therefore, they will walk slower and buy more stuff.

The large shopping center will certainly need a lot of staff to work for them. It will increase the employment opportunities of the nearby people. I am sure that there are more advantages which I have not mentioned about establishing a large shopping center in my neighborhood. So, I will welcome it in an enthusiastic way and I will persuade my neighbors to support my opinion also. Then the large shopping center will have a good business because there are so many nearby patrons already.


Topic 28. Should a new movie theater be built in your neighborhood?

If it was announced that a new movie theater may be built in my neighborhood, I would support the plan. Although, there, of course, would be some points to give consideration, there should be a lot of advantages for both adults and children, for reasons I state below.

Firstly, a suitable type of movie theater for my neighborhood should be discussed will. A ’movie theater’ may be associated with a big cinema complex and thus, thought it destroys the scenery of the town or brings noisy young people. As my neighborhood is just an ordinary residential area, a huge cinema complex with a twenty-four-hour fast food shop will not suit there. However I still would not disagree with the idea of building a movie theater because I do know a local movie theater perfectly matched its neighborhood, where I once lived.

The local movie theater’s external appearance was in harmony with other buildings in the town. It had a cafe instead of a fast food shop and the number of seats were fewer but much more spacious than the ones of a cinema complex in a city. While I was living in the town, I often heard that people who have regular work said they had preferred the local theater rather than ones in a city. Those people would not like to hang out in a busy city in their free time but still wanted to have some fun. The local theater was giving nice and quiet mature pleasure for the residents.

The local movie theater was also ideal place to take very young children. Children sometimes become nervous in a city movie theater because of being in an unfamiliar place and a lot of high teenagers and couples. It is true that just being in a familiar area plays a great role in putting very young children at their ease. Taking very young children to a city movie theater may be too much trouble for their parents but if it is in their neighborhood, parents will feel easier to do so.

As I mentioned first, if a new movie theater was build in my neighborhood, there would have to be detailed discussion between the residents and the planner but I believe that the theater would benefit for the residents a lot.


Topic 29.  Should people do things that they do not like?

In my primary schooling, my teacher always taught us to be honest, partially ourselves. However, our lives are full of regretting and compromising, we often need to do something that we do not enjoy.

Many people think that we should be true to ourselves, so that we should choose what we enjoy most, regardless of what other people think. For example, if we do not want to study anymore, just give up and try to do what we really want to such as being an artist or a dance. It is meaningless for us to continue studying if we have no talents and no interest in it.

Somebody consider health as an excuse for not doing anything that they do not enjoy. For a person who wants to be a teacher or an accountant this occupation may not he likes because of some reasons. Every day he needs to face the numbers and calculators. He is under stress because he does not enjoy what he is doing. Few years later, maybe he will get some serious diseases or even so mad. Therefore, doing things that we do not want be very dangerous.

However, although most of us do not enjoy studying we know that we can gain from that. The most obvious is that we can obtain a high education level and have a better career prospect. Maybe many people oppose this view especially during the economic downturn, but they should realize that there are some potential benefits that we have forgotten for a long time. That is through studying, your knowledge can be strengthened. Besides, we will think that our knowledge is not enough when we have the chance to make use of it.

In spite of the importance of health, self-discipline is very essential and so we cannot do whatever we want to. Otherwise, marriage between relatives, cloning of my murders, burglaries… all the bad things you can think of may happen from time to tome. All these are immoral and many other people will be effectual if you do them.

Moreover, one’s interest in one thing may not exist when he was born. Taking part in that activity, Yundi Li, a Chinese pianist, did not like playing piano when he was small, but now he is an excellent and well-known pianist in the world can develop interest. Primary school teachers teach us to be honest; it is true to look into a thing on different aspects. We will try to love what we are doing if we try to find out the lovely things of it.

To conclude with, everyone wants to do what he or she enjoys most, but because of the above reasons, we should learn how to live in the real lives in a happier way.


Topic 30.  Doing things we do not like

Currently, some people hold the opinion that people should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. In my opinion, this statement is true. Generally, people tend to do things they enjoy doing. As a child, most people spend all their time playing things they enjoy. Boys go climbing, play fight games, and play football; girls play with their Barbie dolls or enjoy wearing their beautiful clothes. No parents would force the kids to do things they do not like, because there is no need to do so. However, the children may the only exception who do nothing they do not like. Virtually, even the children, as they grow up, will be required to go to school. In children's eyes, this is obviously not a job as interesting as playing all day, so most of them do not like going to school at the very beginning. But their parents will force them to do so, because attending school is the formal way one get systematic education and prepare himself well for future career. Since no one can spend all his whole lifetime in just playing, all of us should do something we do not enjoy doing, such as attending school. When one becomes an adult, he will find that there are more and more things he has to do, even if he does not enjoy. Being an grownup, one has responsibility to his family as well as the country. For example, one will have to get up early every day to go to his office, where there will be a lot of things waiting for his care. Or he may have to deal with some affairs between his colleagues. Even if one is doing a job he likes, he may be frustrated by the boring trifles in his job. And in order to do his job well, one has no choice but to bear and try to handle such kind of trifles. It seems disappointing that one should sometimes do things they do not like. However, this does not mean that we can only bear things. On the contrary, we should always make ourselves ready to do things we enjoy doing, although this may mean that we will have to do something we do not enjoy doing. In sum, people should sometimes do things we do not enjoy doing. But keep it in mind that all this is to guarantee that we can do things we enjoy better.


 Topic 31. Has the media paid too much attention to celebrities?

Nowadays, there are many kinds of media, such as Television, newspapers, magazines. All of them include various information. Among them the personal lives of famous people are almost the highlights. Do we need so much attention on those pubic figures and celebrities? I do not think it should be so for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I do not believe their personal lives deserve so much of our attention. We have our lives which need us to be more devoted. Students should pay more attention on their study; adults should concentrated more on their work ;all the family members should care for each other. So I do not think knowing clearly the personal lives of the public figures may help us with our own lives in the aspects above mentioned.

Secondly, keeping eyes on public figures is also an interference to them. Living under the attention of the society members may cause many conveniences for the pubic figures. Because they cannot have their privacy which damage their lives and it is also unfair for them. They have no freedom to shopping, walking, meeting friends in public as what we usually do at leisure time and surely this circumscribes their private space.

Thirdly, the media are enthusiastic about the celebrities’ private lives and this can lead to a kind of social disease. All the media fall into a crazy status to get the information with all means they could conceive which in some situations, may cause tragedy and the princess of Diana is just the example.

Through above arguments, I think you may agree with the conclusion that the whole society, especially the various kinds of media should not pay much attention on the pubic figures. Because doing so is not only advantageous for the citizens, but also unfair for the celebrities.

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