Exercises on Adverbs ( Bài tập về trạng từ) - Có đáp án

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20 câu tự luận về trạng từ giúp củng cố kiến thức về cách dùng trạng từ và phân biệt với cách dùng của tính từ rõ ràng hơn.


I. Complete the sentences with the best adverb. (Not every adverb is needed.)

slowly              carefully                     beautifully      well                   loudly                carelessly      

easily               excitedly                     finally              suddenly          quickly            quietly

1. Come here ____________. You have to see this!

2. We knew that she had got the job when we saw her _________ talking on the phone.

3. He ______________ put the vase on the table. It fell to the floor.

4. Sharon is throwing a party on Saturday. She ___________ finished her PhD.

5. Let’s walk ________________. I don’t want to be the first one at the meeting.

6. Alex _____________ put up the bookshelves. It was too difficult for me to do on my own.

7. Every thing happened so ______________. We had to move to California in less than a month.

8. Why does he always have to talk so ____________. You can hear him in the next room!

9. Although she speaks five languages, she did not do ___________ on the translation exam.

10. I was so surprised. His new apartment was _____________ decorated.

Answer Key: 1. quickly, 2. excitedly, 3. carelessly, 4. finally, 5. slowly, 6. easily, 7. suddenly, 8. loudly, 9. well, 10. beautifully

II. Complete the sentence using an adjective or adverb.

1. He’s always in a rush. I don’t understand why he walks so ____________ (quick/quickly).

2. I prefer studying in the library. It’s always_______________ (quiet/quietly).

3. Michael __________ (happy/happily) took the assistant job. He had been looking for a position all summer. 

4. Marta dances _____________ (beautiful/beautifully). She’s been taking ballet since she was five years old.

5. They speak French very ____________ (good/well). They lived in France for two years. 

6. My neighbor always plays ___________ (loud/loudly) music on the weekends. It’s so annoying.

7. Please be __________ (careful/carefully) in the hallway. The walls have just been painted.

8. Dan is very smart, but he is not a very___________ (good/well) student.

9. He reacted __________ (angry/angrily) to the news. I have never seen him so upset.

10. We didn’t ______________ (complete/completely) understand the teacher’s instructions. Most of us did not finish the assignment.

Answer Key: 1. quickly, 2. quiet, 3. happily, 4. beautifully, 5. well, 6. loud, 7. careful, 8. good, 9. angrily, 10. completely

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