Quantifiers( Từ chỉ định lượng)

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Từ chỉ định lượng cung cấp tất cả những nội dung về các từ chỉ số lượng, cách dùng với danh từ và ngữ nghĩa, ví dụ cụ thể và bìa tập áp dụng phong phú giúp học sinh dễ tiếp thu và vận dụng trong thực tiễn và thi cử.




1. Some

– Dùng trong câu khẳng định

Some + countable noun (số nhiều) + V(số nhiều)

Some pens are on the table.

There are some pens on the table.

Some + uncountable noun + V(số ít)

There is some ink in the inkpot.

2. Many/ much

– Dùng trong câu phủ định và câu nghi vấn. “Much” thường không được dùng trong câu khẳng định. “Many” có thể dùng được trong câu khẳng định nhưng “a lot of” thường được dùng nhiều hơn trong câu đàm thoại.

  • Many + countable noun (số nhiều) + V(số nhiều)

There are many books on the table.

There are not many boys here.

Are there many teachers in your school?

  • Much + uncountable noun + V(số ít)

There isn’t much fresh water on earth.

There is much milk in the bottle.

We didn't spend much money.

Nhưng chú ý rằng , chúng ta dùng “too much” và “so many” trong các câu khẳng định:

We spent too much money.

3. A lot of/ lots of/ plenty of

– Dùng trong câu khẳng định

ü  A lot of/ lots of/ plenty of + countable noun (số nhiều) + V(số nhiều)

A lot of pupils/ lots of pupils are in the library now.

Plenty of shops take checks.

ü  A lot of/ lots of/ plenty of + noun (không đếm được) + V(số ít)

Lots of sugar is sold in the shop.

A lot of time is needed to learn a language.

Don’t rush, there’s plenty of time.

4. A great deal of (= much)/ a number of

      A great deal of + uncountable noun + V (số ít)

A great deal of rice is produced in Vietnam

      A large number of + countable noun (số nhiều) + V(số nhiều)

      A great number of + countable noun (số nhiều) + V(số nhiều)

A large number of cows are raised in Ba Vi.

      The number of + countable noun (số nhiều) + V (số ít)

The number of days in a week is seven.

The number of residents who have been questioned on this matter is quite small.

5. A little và little

  • A little (không nhiều nhưng đủ dùng) + uncountable noun + V(số ít)
  • Little (gần như không có gì) + uncountable noun + V(số ít)

Ví dụ:

A: Can you give me some ink?

B: Yes, I can give you some. I’ve got a little ink in my pen

( No, I’m sorry. I’ve got only little)

We must be quick. There is little time. (= not much , not enough time )

He spoke little English, so it was difficult to communicate with him

He spoke a little English, so we was able to communicate with him.

6. A few và few

  • A few (không nhiều nhưng đủ dùng) + countable noun (số nhiều) + V(số nhiều)
  • Few (gần như không có) + countable noun (số nhiều) + V(số nhiều)

Ví dụ:

The house isn’t full. There are a few rooms empty .

Where can I sit now? - There are few seats left.

He isn't popular. He has few friends.

She's lucky. She has few problems. (= not many problem)

7. All

  • All + countable noun (số nhiều) + V(số nhiều)

All students are ready for the exam.

  • All + uncountable noun + V(số ít)

Nearly all water on earth is salty.

8. Most of, all of, some of, many of

Most/ some/ all/ many + noun (số nhiều) + V(số nhiều)

Some people are very unfriendly.

Most of, some of, all of, many of + the/ his/ your/ my/ this/ those... + noun (số nhiều) + V(số nhiều)

Some of the people at the party were very friendly.

Most of my friends live in Hanoi.



1. There is _______water in the bottle.

A. little                                 B. a few                       C. any                        D. many

2. I have ______money, not enough to buy groceries.

A. a lot of                            B. little                        C. any                        D. many

3. I have ________money, enough to buy a ticket.

A. a lot of                            B. little                         C. many                     D. a little

4. She has _______books, not enough for references.

A. few                                 B. a few                      C. many                      D. little

5. She has _______books, enough to read.

A. many                              B. few                         C. a few                     D. a little

6. There _______ traffic on the street at rush hours.

A. are too many                  B.is too much             C. are too alot             D. are too little

7. He bought _______furniture for her new apartment which she has bought recently.

A. many                              B. few                         C. much                      D. a few

8. _________ the people I work with are very friendly.

A. some                              B. some of                  C. a little of                 D. a few

9. _________these money is mine.

A. some                              B. a few of                  C. many                     D. none of

10. We didn’t spend __________money

A. many                              B. some                       C. much                     D. a few

11. There are _________people there.

A. too many                        B. too a little                C. too much               D.too little

12. Do you know ________people in this neighbourhood.

A. much                              B. a little                      C. many                     D.little

13. Would you like _________to eat?

A. something                      B. anything                  C.everything              D.nothing

14. I can’t find it ___________.

A. somewhere                    B. nowhere                  C.everyplace              D.anywhere

15. I like him __________.

A. so many                         B. any much              C.so much                 D.so some

16. We must be quick. There is ________time left.

A. much                              B. many                     C.a lot of                     D. little

17. Let’s go and have a drink we have _______time left.

A. much                              B. a little                      C.a lot of                    D. little

18. There is a telephone in _______room of the house.

A. every                              B. any                          C.some                       D. no

19. You should read _______sentence carefully.

A. every                              B. some                       C.many                      D. a lot of

20. _________ has right to vote.

A. something                      B. everyone                C.many people          D. some people

21. Both men ________interested in this job in the interview yesterday.

A. are                                  B. was                         C.were                        D. is

22. There are four books on the table .________has a different colour.

A. Every                             B. Each                       C.Many                      D. Some

23. He has two bookstores. One is in Thac Mo. _________is in Phuoc Binh

A. other                               B. the others                C.another                   D. the other

24. ________restaurant is expensive.

A. some                              B. either                       C.neither                    D. any

25. Did you take _______ photographs when you were on holiday.

A. some                              B. either                       C.much                       D. many

26. The news has _________information.

A. much                              B. many                     C.some                      D. any

27. We ‘ll hurry We haven’t got ________time left.

A. some                              B. many                      C. much                      D. any

28. I don’t have ________friends in Ha Noi

A. some                              B. any                          C. much                     D. no

29. We didn’t buy ________flowers yesterday.

A. some                              B. many                      C. much                      D. any

30. There ___________ at the door.

A. is somebody                   B. is anybody             C. is everybody           D. isn’t nobody

31. She went out without_________money.

A. any                                 B. many                      C. much                     D. some

32. There are _________in the hall.

A. somebody                      B. anybody                 C. everybody              D. some people

33. I’m not hungry. I don’t want _________to eat.

A. everything                      B. anything                  C. something              D. nothing

34. She didn’t take _________money with her.

A. any                                 B. many                      C. some                     D. no

35. Has __________body seen my bags?

A. somebody                      B. any person              C. anybody                 D. some people


36. Can I have _________sugar please.

A. any                                 B. some                       C. much                     D. little

37. Let me know if you need ______help.

A. any                                 B. many                      C. some                      D. much

38. Some one has forgotten ________umbrella.

A. them                               B. their                         C. they                       D. theirs

39. The house were empty. There is _________living here.

A. someone                        B. anybody                 C. nobody                   D. everybody

40. I don’t have ________relatives in these strange place.

A. any                                 B. some                      C. a little                      D. much

41. I’m so hungry. I could eat __________.

A. something                      B. anything                 C. nothing                   D. every things

42. The exam was quite difficult. _________passed.

A. Someone                       B. Anybody                C. Nobody                  D. Everybody

43. He has ________luck. Everything he does, he gains.

A. any                                 B. some                      C. a little                     D. much

44. We have used _________energy recently.

A. too many                        B. many too               C. too much                D. much too

45. He spoke _______English, so it was difficult for him to communicate with people here.

A. many                              B. some                       C. little                         D. much

46. The village was small. There was ________ house.

A. many                              B. few                         C. little                        D. a few

47. He isn’t very popular. He has ________friends.

A. few                                 B. some                       C. little                        D. a few

48.The museum was too crowded. There _________people there.

A. is too much                    B. are too many          C. a few                     D. few

49. __________ people are friendly.

A. some                              B. some of                 C. some of those        D. some those

50.Both of them ________students at high school now.

A. are                                  B. is                            C. was                        D. were

51. _________ restaurants we went to were expensive.

A. Neither of                       B. Neither of the          C. None of                  D. Some of

52. Every seat in the theater last night ________taken.

A. was                                 B. were                        C. are                          D. is

53. Everybody __________at the square yesterday.

A. has arrived                     B. have arrived           C. arrived                   D. arrive

54.________time I meet you. You look different.

A. much                              B. every                     C. some                      D. no

55. ________was given a book.

A. some students                B. every students       C. each students         D. each student

56.I would like to visit ______country in the world.

A. some of                          B. every                      C. many                      D. a lot of

57. In the football match ______ has 11 players.

A. each                               B. every                      C. two teams              D.it

58. The olympic games are held ________four years.

A. each                               B. every                      C. one                       D. once

59. Do you need .....................?

A. a help                             B. any help                  C. any helps               D. helps

60. That was a very________story about the adventures in the tropical forests.

A. excitement                     B. excited                    C. exciting                  D. excite

61. The pupils are very ______ because their school has won the basketball championship.

A. excitement                     B. excited                    C. exciting                  D. excite


62. ______should pay more taxes.

A. Rich                                B. The rich                  C. The riches              D. Richer

63. ______people I know are worried about the environment.

A. Most                               B. The most                C. Much                     D. The much

64. ______tall you've grown!

A. What                               B. How                   C. How much             D. How many

65. The film was ______ interesting that it could satisfy everybody.

A. too                                  B. very                       C. so                            D. such

66. My new job is much ______

A. interesting                       B. interested                C. interest                    D. interests

67. They felt happy, and ______ did I.

A. either                              B. neither                     C. too                         D. so

68. Peter says he doesn't see ______

A. somebody                      B. everybody                         C. anybody                 D. nobody

69. __________ don't like to read picture-books.

A. Some childs                                                       B. some of children

C. some of the children                                          D. some of the childs

70. It's _________ long time since he last saw his parents.

A. such a                            B. so                            C. very                       D. too

71. The audience clapped their hands so _________ that the singer had to sing again.

A. many times                    B. much time              C. very much              D. much

72. Our seats were_________far from the stage that we couldn't see the actors andactresses clearly.

A. very                                B. too                           C. enough                   D. so

73. I like Dalat. What I like _______ living here is that it's fresh, quiet and beautiful.

A. more about                     B. most about              C. more of                   D. most of

74. ________ players are there in a football team?

A. How much                     B. Many                      C. Do many                D. How many

75. - How ................. does he run a day? - 16 miles.

A. much                              B. far                          C. long                         D. fast

76. He can't cook well, and I can't, ........................

A. too                                  B. either                       C. neither                    D. so

77. The circus shows are ................... exciting that the whole family enjoy them.

A. so                                   B. very                                    C. too                         D. such

78. I haven't had ................... an enjoyable evening for months.

A. such                               B. so                            C. much                      D. very

79. She was ................... clever that she could make a dress by hands.

A. much                              B. very                        C. so                            D. such

80. Most of the pupils are ................... to pass the examination.

A. good enough                  B. too good                  C. very good               D. good too

81. These piles of books are ............... cleaner than the others.

A. as                                   B. very                        C. so                            D. much

82. She is ................... an engineer nor an architect.

A. nor                                  B. both                         C. neither                    D. either

83. That play was ................... for her to see again.

A. too interesting                                                     B. enough interesting

C. interesting enough                                             D. more interesting enough

84. The more we study, the ................... we are.

A. more good                      B. good                       C. well                         D. better

85. Mary can't speak French .................

A. Either can Peter                                     B. Neither can't Peter

C. Neither can Peter                                  D. Peter can't neither

86. Everyone can ................. in this school activity.

A. take off                           B. take on                    C. take part                D. take

87. ................... we eat, the fatter we become.

A. The much                       B. The more                C. Many                     D. A lot of

88. The lesson ................... for me to understand.

A. is very difficult                B. too difficult              C. difficult too             D. is too difficult

89. This exercise is ................... I must finish it as soon as possible.

A. very important so                                               B. so important that

C. too important that                                               D. enough important that

90. She was ................... she never had time to go out in the evening.

A. so busy that                    B. very busy                C. busy enough          D. busy so that

91. She didn’t eat __________breakfast.

A. much                              B. many                      C. some                     D. any

92. There aren’t ______large glasses left.

A. some                              B. any                          C. much                      D. many

93. I have seen________ of Minh recently.

A.a lot of                             B. any                         C. too much               D. too many

94. Not _______Denmark is hilly.

A.a lot of                             B. any of                    C. much of                  D. many of

95. You can’t see much of a country in a week.

A. much of                          B. some of                 C. a lot of                    D. many of

96. I won’t pass the exam. I have missed many of my lessons.

A. some of                          B. much of                 C. many of                  D. a lot of

97. He got _______men friends, but he doesn’t know ________women.

A. lots of/ many                  B. much/ many           C. many / many          D. many/ much

98. I don’t travel much these days.

A. much                              B. some                       C. a lot                         D. many

99. ________strong man has disheartened before such a challenge.

A. much a                           B. Some                      C. Many a                   D. Many

100. ________time is needed to learn a language.

A. Any                                 B. Some                     C. Much                     D. A lot of

101. __________us think it’s time for an election.

A. Lots of                            B. Lot of                     C. Much                      D. Many

102. ________cheese is made from cow’s milk.

A. Most                               B. Some                      C. Much                      D. More

103. ________my friends live abroad.

A. Many                              B. Some                      C. Much                     D. Most of

104. _________us thought he was wrong.

A. Most of                           B. Some of                 C. Much of                 D. Many a

105. Thank you for bringing me along. I never thought Shakespeare could be so ______fun.

A. many                              B. much                     C. few                         D. some

106. You should say . ______and do ______

A. many / few                     B. much / little            C. few / many                         D. little / much

107. Very ______ people knew about it.

A. few                                 B. less                         C. much                      D. little

108. He is a man of ______words.

A. less                                 B. little                         C. fewer                      D. few

109. ______ heard about the book, but ______. read it.

A. Many / few                     B. Much / little            C. Many / little             D. Few / Fewer

110. "Do you know English?" "Just ______."

A. much                              B. many                     C. little                         D. less

111. She has very ______ knowledge of the matter.

A. few                                 B. little                        C. some                     D. many

112. The forces were unequal, they were______we were ______

A. many / few                     B. much / little             C. few / much                         D. little / much

113. We have imported ______ computers this year than last year.

A. few                     B. less                         C. fewer                      D. many

114. There has been ______demand for computers this year than last year.

A. few                     B. little                         C. fewer                      D. more

115. ______in Shanghai than in any other city in China.

A. More people live                                                B. More people living

C. It has more people                                 D. More living people

116. I've been to the theater ______ of times.

A. much                  B. a little                      C. most of                   D. few

117. But ______ of the plays I've seen are modern.

A. a few of              B. a little                      C. most                       D. many

118. When I studied Shakespeare, I thought his plays were ______ boring.

A. a great deal of    B. few                         C. much                     D. many

119. ______of Shakespeare's plays are about history.

A. A few of                         B. Many                      C. Much                     D. A little

120. They spent ______ time studying Victorian literature.

A. few                     B. many                     C. a large number of   D. much

121. ______popular expressions in our language have interesting background.

A. Little                    B. Many                     C. A large number     D. Much

122. At the beginning everybody spoke English very quickly and I couldn't understand ______ But

after ______ days, it is easier and ______ things I had learnt came back to me.

A. much / a few / many                              B. a lot / little / a lot

C. much / much / a great number              D. many / a few / many

123. Would you like__________milk? Yes, please.

A. few                     B. any                          C. some                      D. much

124. ________ them were at the meeting last night so they didn’t have knowledge about marketing

A. neither of            B. any of                     C. many                      D. a lot of

125. ________my friends live abroad.

A. Neither of           B. Any of                     C. Many                      D. Most of

126. How ________money have you got in your pocket ?

A. a lot of                B. any                          C. many                      D. much

127.I could speak ________words of Swedish, but I wasn’t very fluent.

A. a few                  B.a little                      C. few                                     D. little

128. Can you speak French? Just ________

A. a few                  B. little                         C. few                                     D. a little

129. Very ________people were flying because of terrorist activities then.

A. few                     B. a little                      C. a few                      D. little

130. He spent ________ of his time on his holidays.

A. much                  B. many                      C. a lot of                    D. little

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