Bài tập tổng hợp về mạo từ "a-an-the" hay có đáp án (Exercises on articles a-an-the)

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Bài tập tổng hợp giúp luyện tập và phân biệt các mạo từ "a/an/the" hay và có đáp án.


Exercise 1: Chọn đáp án đúng để điền vào chỗ trống (chú ý: ký hiệu “x” có nghĩa là không cần mạo từ)

1. We are looking for _______ place to spend ________ night.

            A. the/the                   B. a/the           C. a/a              D. the/a

2. Please turn off ________ lights when you leave ________ room.

            A. the/the                   B. a/a              C. the/a           D. a/the

3. We are looking for people with ________experience.

            A. the                          B. a                 C. an               D. x

4. Would you pass me ________ salt, please?

            A. a                             B. the              C. an               D. x

5. Can you show me ________way to ________station?

            A. the/the                   B. a/a              C. the/a           D. a/the

6. She has read ________interesting book.

            A. a                             B. an               C. the              D. x

7. You’ll get ________shock if you touch ________ live wire with that screwdriver.

            A. an/the                    B. x/the          C. a/a              D. an/the

8. Mr. Smith is ________ old customer and ________ honest man.

            A. An/the                   B. the/an        C. an/an          D. the/the

9. ________ youngest boy has just started going to ________ school.

            A. a/x                          B. x/the          C. an/x            D. the/x

10. Do you go to ________ prison to visit him?

            A. the                          B. a                 C. x                 D. an

11. ________eldest boy is at ________ college.

            A. a/the                      B. the/x          C. x/ a             D. an/x

12. Are you going away next week? No, ________ week after next.

            A. an                           B. a                 C. the              D. x

13. Would you like to hear ________ story about ________ English scientist?

            A. an/the                    B. the/the       C. a/the           D. a/ an

14. There’ll always be a conflict between ________ old and ________ young.

            A. the/the                   B. an/a            C. an/the        D. the/a

15. There was ________ collision at ________ corner.

            A. the/a                      B. an/the        C. a/the           D. the/the

16. My mother thinks that this is ________ expensive shop.

            A. the                          B. an               C. a                 D. x

17. Like many women, she loves ________ parties and ________gifts.

            A. the/ a                     B. a/the           C. a/a              D. x/x

18. She works seven days ________ week.

            A. a                             B. the              C. an               D. x

19. My mother goes to work in ________ morning.

            A. a                             B. x                 C. the              D. an

20. I am on night duty. When you go to ________ bed, I go to ________ work.

            A. a/x                          B. a/the           C. the/x          D. x/x

Exercise 2: Câu chuyện sau được chia thành các câu nhỏ, hãy đọc và điền mạo từ thích hợp “a/an/ the hoặc x (không cần mạo từ)” vào chỗ trống:

1. There was ________knock on ________door. I opened it and found ________small dark man in ________blue overcoat and _______woolen cap.

2. He said he was ________employee of ________gas company and had come to read ________meter.

3. But I had ________suspicion that he wasn't speaking ________truth because ________meter readers usually wear ________peaked caps.

4. However, I took him to ________ meter, which is in ________dark corner under ________ stairs.

5. I asked if he had ________ torch; he said he disliked torches and always read ________ meters by ________light of ________match.

6. I remarked that if there was ________leak in ________ gas pipe there might be ________ explosion while he was reading ________meter.

7.  He said, “As ________matter of ________fact, there was ________explosion in ________last house I visited; and Mr. Smith, ________owner of ________house, was burnt in ________face.”

8.  “Mr. Smith was holding ________lighted match at ________time of ________explosion.”

9.  To prevent ________possible repetition of this accident, I lent him ________torch.

10.  He switched on ________torch, read ________meter and wrote ________ reading down on ________back of ________envelope.

11.  I said in ________surprise that ________meter readers usually put ________readings down in ________book.

12.  He said that he had had ________book but that it had been burnt in ________fire in________ Mr. Smith's house.

13. By this time I had come to ________conclusion that he wasn't ________genuine meter reader; and ________moment he left ________house I rang ________police.

Exercise 3: Điền mạo từ thích hợp “a/an/the hoặc x (không cần mạo từ)”” vào chỗ trống.

14. Are John and Mary ________cousins? ~

No, they aren't ________cousins; they are ________brother and ________sister.

15. ________fog was so thick that we couldn't see ________ side of ________road. We followed ________car in front of us and hoped that we were going ________right way.

16. I can't remember ________exact date of ________storm, but I know it was on ________Sunday because everybody was at ________church. On ________Monday ________post didn't come because ________roads were blocked by ________fallen


17. Peter thinks that this is quite ________ cheap restaurant.

18.       A: There's ________murder here. ~

B: Where's ________body?~

A: There isn't ________body. ~

B: Then how do you know there's been ________murder?

19. Number ________hundred and two, - ________house next door to us, is for sale.

It's quite ________nice house with ________big rooms ________back windows look out on ________park.

20. I don't know what ________price ________owners are asking. But Dry and Rot are ________agents. You could give them ________ring and make them ________offer.

21. ________postman's little boy says that he'd rather be ________dentist than ________doctor, because ________dentists don't get called out at ________night.

22.  Just as ________air hostess (there was only one on the plane) was handing me ________cup of ________coffee ________plane gave ________lurch and ________ coffee went all over ________person on ________other side of ________gangway.

23. There was ________collision between ________car and ________cyclist at ________ crossroads near ________my house early in ________morning.  

24. Professor Jones, ________man who discovered ________new drug that everyone is talking about, refused to give ________press conference.

25 Peter Piper, ________student in ________ professor's college, asked him why he refused to talk to ________press.


Exercise 1:

1. B     2. A     3. D     4. B     5. A     6. B     7. B     8. C     9. D     10. A  

11. B   12. C   13. D   14. A   15. C   16. B   17. D   18. A   19. C   20. D

Exercise 2:

1. a - the -  a - a - a              

2. an - the - the                     

 3. a - the - x - x                   

4. the - the - the

5. a - x - the -  a                    

6. a - a - an - the       

7. a - x - an - the - the - the - the

8. a - the - the                       

9. a - a                                   

10. the - the - the - the - an

11. x - x - the - a      

12. a – the - x                       

13. the - a - the - the - the

Exercise 3:

14. x - x - x - x                     

15. The - the - the - the - the                      

16. the - the - x - the -  x -  the – x - x

17. a                           

18. a - the - a -  a                              

19. a -  the -  a - x - the -  the

20. x - the -  the -  a - an     

21. The - a - a - x - x                       

22.  the - a - x - the - a - the - the - the - the

23.  a - a - a - the – x - the.

24.  the - the - a

 25.  a - the - the

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