Bài luyện tập về cấu tạo từ hay có đáp án (Exercise on word formation)

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Chúng ta cùng luyện tập về cấu tạo từ nhé.


(Exercises on word formation)

Cho dạng đúng của các từ trong ngoặc để điền vào chỗ trống.

1. Detroit is renowned for the _____________ car. (produce)

2. If you make a good ________________ at the interview, you will get the job. (impress)

3. The _________________ looked dark and there were hardly any other guests. (enter)

4. My history teacher has a vast ________________ of past events. (know)

5. You are never too old to go to college and gain some _______________. ( qualify)

6. My greatest ________________ was graduating from university. (achieve)

7. The weatherman said there is a strong _______________ of rain today. (possible)

8. Some old laws are no longer _______________. (effect)

9. Athens is ________________ for its ancient buildings. (fame)

10. He was caught shoplifting so now he has a ________________ record. (crime)

11. Despite her severe _________________, she fulfilled her goals in life. (Disable)

12. Being ________________is the worst thing that can happen to someone. (employ)

13. If you buy presents in the summer your _________________ can be very high. (save)

14. Due to the pilot's _____________, the copilot managed to land safely. (guide)

15. It's important to also see the less ________________sides of the job. (desire)

16. I was surprised at his __________________ to give up. (refuse)

17. Children are by nature _________________of danger. (aware)

18. She is always ___________________towards her parents. (respect)

19. The hospital has the best medical _____________and fast ambulances. (equip)

20. You can relax in the comfortable _______________of the hotel. (surround)

21.  It's totally________________ that you stayed home when you were sick. (understand)

22. Don't laugh at his stupid jokes! You'll only _________________ him to say them again. (courage)
23. That sidewalk is_________________, I almost fell! (slip)

24. After Monday, I will no longer be a foreigner--I am receiving my ________________! (citizen)
25. Arthur will be very lonely unless you__________________ him. (friend)
26. Every afternoon, the cooks__________________ their knives in preparation for dinner. (sharp)
27. I hate being around Mary Lou, she is __________________. (friendly).
28. The stock market crash of 1929 left my great-grandfather___________________.  (penny)
29. I have a class at 8:00 a.m. but I always________________.  (sleep)
30. The groom may ______________the bride only when their vows have been exchanged. (veil)
31. I think we should try something else. That strategy seems way too________________.  (risk)
32. My father's death left me with a great_________________  in my heart. (empty)
33. George W. Bush is pretending that he attacked Iraq to __________________ the Iraqis. (liberty)
34. Americans fought hard to earn their _________________from Britain. (free)
35. When you work at a nuclear power plant, you have to be extremely _________________. (care)
36. Every time I think I've beaten you, you  _________________  me! (do)
37. I had to take three months off when I was pregnant, but my boss has been very ____________. (understand)
38. He will __________________the wine as soon as we are ready for dinner. (cork)
39. You need to work on your orthography so you don't __________________ (spell) these words. (cork)
40. The weather ________________looks bad for a picnic--rainy and windy! (cast)


1. production                         2. impression                        3. entrance

4. knowledge                         5. qualification                      6. achievement

7. possibility                         8. effective                            9. famous

10. criminal                           11. disability                         12. unemployed

13. savings                            14. guidance                        15. desirable

16. refusal                             17. unaware                         18. respectful

19. equipment                       20. surroundings                   21. understandable

22. encourage                       23. slippery                           24. citizenship

25. befriend                           26. sharpen                          27. unfriendly

28. penniless                         29. oversleep                        30. unveil

31. risky                                 32. emptiness                      33. liberate

34. freedom                           35. careful                             36. outdo

37. understanding                   38. uncork                             39. misspell

40. forecast

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