173 bài tập cấu tạo từ trong tiếng Anh - có đáp án

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173 câu bài tập tự luận về từ loại, cấu tạo từ trong tiếng Anh giúp người học rèn luyện lỹ năng làm bài và tích lũy vốn từ vựng hữu ích cho các kỳ thi và kiểm tra.


1. The act of _________ should be prohibited under any circumstances. Everyone all has equal rights to vote. (FRANCHISE)
2. The boss ordered his staff to be ________ with each other in dealing with the company's end-of-year burden. (LABOR)
3. It is such a _________ story that the mom lost her child when her family immigrated from Africa into Europe. (LUCK)
4. The mayor was determined that he would do everything in his power to _________ the murder case. (MYSTERY)
5. The government stressed it was not abandoning its tough __________ policies. (INFLATE)
6. The woman detected her ________ conditions soon after she felt ill in her body. (CANCER)
7. I cast my eyes ________ and saw the geese flying in V-line. (HEAVEN)
8. ________ programs are offered to those who want to do professional training while being paid to work. (SERVICE)
9. It is inhumane to sell ________ limbs of the animals, such as rhinoceros or elephants, in the market place. (MEMBER)
10. He was regarded as a _______ winner as he beat his opponents in three straight sets. (RUN)
11. Although some hold out hope for a sea wall and land reclamation programme, it is admittedly nothing more than a mere ________ (STOP)
12. A(n) ________ is implanted in the body to prop up the heart. (MAKE)
13. She is ________ gorgeous in that gown. (DIE)
14. His behavior at the party was _________, which went beyond everyone's expectations. (ERR)
15. The advent of computers was one of the _________ milestones in the mankind's history. (NOTE)
16. His condition was so serious _________ as he had to stay in hospital for a month. (MUCH)
17. Pending the _________ of KFC, the manager had to catch up on a huge number of backlogs. (TAKE)
18. It is __________ to be waken up by the noisy music from the neighbor's house. (IRK)
19. Like many other __________ of my age, I dread to use hi-tech gears. (TECHNICAL)
20. Bacteria derived from __________ disease can be contagious among people having reciprocal contact. (MENINGES)
21. The woman is getting older. She is now in the __________ year of her age. (LIGHT)
22. Chemicals are easily __________ if they are laid open in the atmosphere for a long time. (ACTION)
23. The spectators booed as the referee did not disallow the _______ goal. (SIDE)
24. The government must work at full tilt to promote the economy and reduce the ________. (EFFICIENT)
25. The Earth is experiencing a major ________ in the climate. (HEAVE)
26. My ________ is the unique thing that distinguishes me from others. (MARK)
27. Children who grow up in peace tend to be more ________ than those who grow up in war. (ADAPT)
28. My mother ________ me a great deal of encouragement after I got bad grades in my exam. (VOUCH)
29. He is a(n) ________ man. He does not gain any ground in his family. (WILL)
30. You can look at the ________ of this Chinese book to see the elucidation of these new words. (ADD)
31. The reaction that occurs within the cell is called _________ reaction. (CELL)
32. He was ________ from the hustle and bustle of life since he moved to this rural area. (TANGLE)
33. I ________ over whether to go abroad or not. (SHALL)
34. Many people nowadays want to indulge themselves in ________ industries such as finance and the like. (KNOW)
35. Please accept this ________ as a reminder of your stay here. (REMEMBER)
36. A(n) ________ is the one who turns into wolf during full moon. (WOLF)
37. Nitrogen oxide is a(n) ________ compound of oxygen and nitrogen. (ATOM)
38. The story broadens the horizon of the children about their _______. (BEAR)
39. I met my old friend at the supermarket this morning, which was quite ________. (FORTUNE)
40. The mall has intrigued a great number of visitors since it was ________ last month. (GRAND)
41. She cast her eyes ________ and saw a mysterious man looking at her. (STREET)
42. The girl excelled herself at the exam and came ________ to the two boys. (THREE)
43. Scientists from Russia, America and Japan have recently filled the periodic table’s seventh row with four _________ chemical elements. (HEAVE)
44. It is a misconception that _________ human blood is blue. (OXYGEN)
45. The house is painted in such a(n) _________ style. (SAVOUR)
46. In this modern day, you have to keep yourself _________ so as not to lag behind others. (DATE)
47. This book is _________. You can find information about the varieties of plants around the world here. (EMBRACE)
48. The little rainfall ________ a poor crop for farmers in this village. (BODE)
49. That word is such a(n) ________. It is not easy to pronouce at all. (JAW)
50. _________ and disinfectants are widely used in hospital to kill the bacteria. (SEPTIC)
51. Due to the prolonged _________, the goods arrived later than we had expected. (CONTENT)
52. Found in ________ condition, the house is intended to be demolished. (DOWN)
53. ________ of violence has been possible by means of television. (DOCTRINE)
54. He laid his desk _________. It is untidily filled with all kinds of stuff. (HEAP)
55. It is ________ that he will press ahead with his project. Nothing can prevent him. (ODD)
56. X-rays, known as a form of ________, are widely utilized nowadays to diagnose medical conditions. (RADIAL)
57. His misunderstanding of the situation resulted in his _________. Everyone could make out the embarassing remarks on his face. (COMPOSE)
58. The minister _________ the fight against hunger in his opening speech. (ACCENT)
59. Even the most _________ equipment cannot replace the role of the teachers in the future. (ART)
60. America is considered one of the biggest _________ in the world. (POWER)
61. The water ________ in the building is of great concern. It can damage the walls if not managed properly and timely. (FILL)
62. He took off his hat and a pigeon flew out. It was ________ a trick. (GUILE)
63. In a _________ manner, he stepped into the room and shouted at the top of his voice. (DOUBT)
64. You should not assess a situation from such a(n) ________ side. (LATERAL)
65. The homless woman pleaded for a shelter from the rain in a(n) _________ tone. (PASSION)
66. The man reported than he had seen a(n) _________ object, which might well be a UFO. (EGG)
67. The coal cellar needs to be equipped with _________ system in order to prevent suffocation. (VENT)
68. The advent of Internet is an important __________ in human history. (MARK)
69. His face showed the remark of _________ even when we were talking about seriously. ( FLIP)
70. What you know is rather __________. And it is unfair to judge just through a cursory glance. (FACIES)
71. Moving _________ is moving in a direction opposite to the direction the hands of the clock moves. (CLOCK)
72. Reta is studying animal __________ at the Oxford university. (GENE)
73. The crews fortuitously dicovered a __________ in the ship’s cool chamber. (STOW)
74. The man was _________ on a medal for bravely taking a child out of the burning house. (STOW)
75. The report has _________ the cause of global warming in the past decades. (POINT)
76. It may take more than a month to deliver our car from Germany to VietNam as it is _________. (SHIP)
77. “Titanic” is an example of _________ romance. (SHIP)
78. The machine cannot work properly as a direct result of _________. (ALIGN)
79. There used to be a __________ in Quang Tri, whose remains now become a historical site. (HOLD)
80. Andy was ___________ from the volunteer group due to his poor attitude. (COMMUNICATE)
81. I was so ____________ that even a spider scared me. (KNEE)
82. The government ____________ its responsibility in the leakage of confidential information. (NEGATE)
83. Try not to be ___________ even if you are tremendously successful. (VAIN)
84. Bob is a(n) ___________ of an intelligent student. (TYPE)
85. The goverment’s policy to soothe the anger among people was ___________. It should have happened earlier. (CHRONOLOGY)
86. Tom’s collection is such a(n) ___________. There is no connection between things. (MASH)
87. I was completely ___________ by the fact that he was going to get married. (MUSE)
88. Sleeping during day and working when night comes sounds seemingly __________. (SCIENCE)
89. I question whether a spectacle so fantastic and impressive was ever dealtwith, even in the pages of __________ fiction. (SCIENCE)
90. Adam’s gait is a(n) __________ for his strong personality. (WORD)
91. The apricot blossom __________ during spring. (GERM)
92. In an _________ world, people have to change to get into the swing of the environment. (EVOLVE)
93. I __________ the distance from my house to the Ann’s hospital and arrived there rather late. (RECK)
94. Harry Porter’s personality is successfully ___________ by J.K.Rowling throughout her series. (LINE)
95. Your __________ saying last night could hurt other people’s feelings although you might not intend to say so. (SENSE)
96. What Thuy Minh said has provoked violent __________ from critics as well as celebrities. (BLAST)
97. You are becoming a(n) ___________. Just go outside and see what happens. (LAY)
98. A ___________ is an instrument that separates light into a frequency spectrum and records the signal using a camera. (SPECTRUM)
99. Cindy showed ___________ support at Josh’s project. She always believes him. (FALTER)
100. Securing a ___________ job is most people’s dreams. (CLERK)
101. This place is an ___________ zone, which is restricted to people who work in the Parliamentary House only. (EXCLUDE)
102. He was ___________ by the darkness and got lost in the forest. (NIGHT)
103. He was ___________ with intelligence but he tried hard to make up for it. (ENDOW)
104. Any ___________ gimmicks are forbidden in this competition. (MALICE)
105. Surely all women must have ___________ instinct or the human race would die out. (MOTHER)
106. Putting up with noise coming from the neighbor is probably the most ____________ thing. (TO)
107. The leader was taken into custody, which brought an end to the _____________. (SURGE)
108. The spectacular view of Sa Pa has _____________ many visitors. (RAPTURE)
109. Andy has received such _____________ fame after he tried himself in the school’s play. (WONT)
110. The aridity in that area _____________ a poor crop. (TOKEN)
111. Some people argue that money has _____________ football. (BASE)
112. This remote village bore the _____________ of the storm. (PREDATOR)
113. “People” is a ____________ word. (SYLLABLE)
114. The young boy was _____________ by the two men who then asked the innocent for money. (WAY)
115. Taking that old lady for a ride is _____________. (CONSCIENCE)
116. To achieve the _____________ logic, you have to employ certain techniques of using connectives like ‘and’, ‘or’ in the right place within the sentence. (SENTENCE)
117. This chair is almost too ____________, so replace it with a new one! (ANNUAL)
118. Underground nuclear _____________ are believed to have been carried out. (TONE)
119. The opponents of nuclear power may object to the scheme for some ______________ reasons. (MENTION)
120. Every point in his speech is _____________, which allows the audience to follow easily. (PERSPEX)
121. The ______________ is used to measured the smallest things! (MICRO)
122. His ______________ talking annoys the teachers a lot. (TERMINAL)
123. Many ______________ policies have come into force to boost the economic development. (BUSINESS)
124. A(n) _____________ schedule assists me in passing the day smoothly. (ARRANGE)
125. Allowing yourself anything you like makes you a ____________ figure. (INDULGE)
126. Mary ______________ with her husband about his budget this month. (POSTULATE)
127. It is impossible to _______________ his excellence at work. (SAY)
128. People in coastal area live mainy on the ______________, which allows them to earn a great deal of money from the sea products (CULTURE)
129. People felt a great pity for the time spent to see such a(n) _____________ film. (ABYSS)
130. Every book has a ______________ including what the authors say about their masterpiece. (WORD)
131. I cannot imagine why there are such ______________ people in this world. Don’t they feel any sympathy for the homeless? (HEART)
132. I will bring my unbrella along on the _____________ that it rains. (CHANCE)
133. The dramatic decrease in the ________________ of this factory can be a direct result of underpayment. (PUT)
134. The contaminated drinking water in Flint, Michigan can cause ______________ consequences. (LIFE)
135. It is a _____________ fact that the vegeterian sausages were invented during World War I. (KNOW)
136. His recent unpredictable mood ____________ him from his friends. (STRANGE)
137. I was ______________ and fell in love with her immediately at first sight. (LOVE)
138. The camera must be clean with a soft ____________ cloth. Otherwise, the water will permeate and cause damage. (WRING)
139. His recent ups and downs made the criminal more ____________ than ever. (BITE)
140. John Cena used to be in his _____________ in WWE but since his dislocation, he had to leave for operation and it would take him a long time to make a full recovery. (DAY)
141. Bats use ______________ to navigate in the dark when hunting prey. (LOCATION)
142. He was lying, indicated by the _______________ sign that his hands were shivering. (TELL)
143. Thanks to the _____________ at the bottom of the page, the Chinese-VietNamese poem becomes more accessible. (NOTE)
144. The dog seems rather _______________; it must not have been fed for days. (SEE)
145. ________________ injection is the most common way to inject drugs. (VEIN)
146. _________________ medication brings about a quick relief but it is not recommended for long-term treatment. (ACT)
147. Ivan’s camera now ________________ because he carelessly dropped it into the pool. (FUNCTION)
148. Mary told the doctor about her stomach’s ________________. It didn’t seem to work properly. (FUNCTION)
149. A cock roach can continue to live for a few days even if it is ________________. (CAPITA)
150. Their house is decorated in such a _________________ way so that it fit in with other houses. (DESCRIBE)
151. ________________ people are strong and healthy ones who can make a living on their own. (BODY)
152. I spent the whole evening _______________ my messy house. (CLUTTER)
153. Remember to read every _______________ in the contract because it can be a trap for the unwary. (PRINT)
154. I did my project in my own way, not in a ________________ one. (TREAD)
155. From six o’clock _______________, I’m home! (ON)
156. Some of the ________________ and __________________ regions in Somalia have adopted distinctive symbols , including flags, while others continue to use the Somali flag. (DEPEND/AUTONOMY)
157. A(n) _________________ disease is one that will gradually deteriorate the functioning of any one part in your body. (GENERATE)
158. It is widely known that judges have _________________ powers. (DISCRETION)
159. The little boy left his hand-made boat _______________ on the river. (DRIFT)
160. The students are ________________ seperated into differnt classes. (QUALIFY)
161. He suffered from headaches as an _______________ of his accident. (AFFECT)
162. The renown that Michael Jackson gained for himself is almost ________________. (SUPERIOR)
163. Viet Nam used to be ________________ into two seperate areas, with the border being Gianh river. (MASS)
164. The walls were _________________ with colors, which make it so beautiful. (STRIPE)
165. A bottle of cooled water had __________________ effects on us after a long walk. (VIGOR)
166. Hand ________________ is accused of including BBA, which can cause many health problems. (SANITARY)
167. Their trouble is __________________. They themselves made the situation worse. (INFLICT)
168. The _________________ inside our bodies is a complex system. (MUSCLE)
169. I do not understand why Adriana was so ________________ at last night’s party. She is usually clever and tactical when meeting people. (ADROIT)
170. Viet Nam went through _________________ process and became an independent country. (COLONY)
171. Most findings about the universe are ________________ because of the lack of evidence. (DETERMINE)
172. A(n) __________________ is used to measure the level of alcohol in one’s blood from a breath sample. (BREATH)
173. Laptops nowadays have ___________________ cameras, which makes it even more convenient for the users. (BUILT)




1. disenfranchisement
2. collaborative
3. hard-luck
4. demystify
5. anti-inflationary
6. precancerous
7. heavenwards
8. In-service
9. dismembered
10. runaway

11. stopgap
12. pacemaker
13. drop-dead
14. aberrant
15. noteworthy
16. inasmuch
17. takeover
18. irksome
19. technophobes
20. meniggitic
21. twilight
22. deactivated

23. offside
24. deficits
25. upheaval
26. birthmark
27. maladapted
28. vouchsafed
29. weak-willed
30. addendum
31. intracellular
32. disentangled
33. shilly-shally
34. knowledge-based
35. memento
36. werewolf
37. biatomic
38. forebears
39. fortuitous
40. aggrandized
41. streetwards
42. tertiary

43. superheavy
44. deoxygenated
45. unsavoury
46. uptodate
47. all-embracing
48. foreboded
49. jawbreaker
50. antiseptics
51. containerization
52. run-down
53. indoctrination
54. aheap
55. odds-on
56. irradiation
57. discomposure
58. accentuated
59. state-of-the-art
60. superpowers
61. infiltration
62. beguilingly
63. redoubtable
64. unilateral
65. impassioned
66. egg-shaped
67. ventilation
68. landmark
69. flippancies
70. superficial
71. counterclockwise/anticlockwise
72. genomics
73. stowaway
74. bestowed
75. pinpointed
76. shipborne
77. shipboard
78. misalignment
79. stronghold
80. excommunicated
81. weak-kneed
82. abnegated
83. vainglorious
84. archetype
85. anachronistic
86. mish-mash
87. bemused
88. antiscientific
89. quasiscientific
90. byword
91. germinates
92. ever-evolving
93. misreckoned
94. delineated
95. insensate
96. counterblast
97. layabout
98. spectrograph
99. unfaltering
100. clerical
101. exclusionary
102. benighted
103. unendowed
104. malicious
105. maternal
106. untoward
107. insurgency
108. enraptured
109. unwonted
110. betokens
111. debased
112. depredation
113. disyllabic
114. waylaid
115. unconscionable
116. sentential
117. superannuated
118. denotations
119. undermentioned
120. perspicuous
121. micrometer
122. interminable
123. pro-business
124. prearranged
125. self-indulgent
126. expostulated
127. gainsay
128. aquaculture
129. abysmal
130. foreword
131. hard-hearted
132. offchance
133. throughput
134. lifelong
135. little-known
136. estranges
137. lovestruck
138. well-wrung
139. hard-bitten
140. heyday
141. echolocation
142. tell-tale
143. footnote/annotation
144. unsightly
145. intravenous
146. short-acting
147. malfunctions
148. dysfunction
149. decapitated
150. nondescript
151. able-bodied
152. decluttering
153. small-print
154. well-trodden
155. onwards
156. quasi-independent/semi autonomous
157. degenerative
158. discretionary
159. adrift
160. qualitatively
161. aftereffect
162. insuperable
163. demassified
164. striated
165. invigorating
166. sanitizer
167. self-inflicting
168. musculature
169. maladroit
170. decolonisation
171. underdetermined
172. breathalyser
173. built-in




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