600 từ vựng TOEIC quan trọng nhất

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Tổng hợp 600 từ vựng phổ biến nhất cùng ví dụ minh họa đi kèm theo mỗi từ, hay gặp trong các bài thi TOEIC nhằm giúp các bạn sẽ ôn thi tốt hơn với vốn từ vựng phong phú và đạt điểm số như mong đợi.


1. abide by(v) tuân thủ
eg: Two parties agreed to _____ the judge's decision.

2. ability(n) năng lực, khả năng

eg: The _____ to work with others is a key requirement.

3. abundant(adj) nhiều, phong phú, thừa thãi
eg: The recruiter was surprised at the __(n)___ of qualified applicants.

4. accept(v) chấp nhận, thừa nhận
eg: Without hesitating, she _____ed the job of teller.

5. access(v) truy cập
eg: You need a password to _____ your account.

6. accommodate(v) dàn xếp, đáp ứng, làm thích nghi
eg: The meeting room was large enough to _____ the various needs of the groups using it.

7. accomplishment(n) thành tựu, sự hoàn thành
eg: In honor of her _____s, the manager was promoted.

8. accounting(n) sự tính toán, công tác kế toán
eg: _____ for expenses is time-consuming.

9. accumulate(v) cộng dồn; tích luỹ lại
eg: The bills started to _____ after secretary quit.

10. accurate(adj) chính xác
eg: He counted the boxes three times to ensure his that figure was _____.

11. accustom to(v) làm cho quen, tập cho quen
eg: Chefs must _____ themselves to working long hours.

12. achieve(v) thành công, đạt mục tiêu
eg: I hope to _____ as much as you have in short time with the company.

13. acquire(v) đạt được, giành được, thu được, kiếm được
eg: The museum _____ed a Van Gogh during heavy bidding.

14. action(n) hành động; quá trình diễn biến (của vở kichj)
eg: The _____ on stage was spellbinding.

15. address(v) hướng tới, nhắm đến
eg: Marco's business plan _____es the needs of small business owners.

16. adhere to(v) tôn trọng, giữ vững, tuân thủ
eg: The chairman never _____ his own rules.

17. adjacent(adj) gần kề, sát ngay
eg: Take the elevator to the third floor and my office is _____ to the receptionist area.

18. adjust(v) điều chỉnh, dàn xếp, làm cho thích hợp
eg: The stockroom clerk _____ed the cooking pots on the shelf so they would be easier to count during inventory.

19. admire(v) ngưỡng mộ
eg: Raisa, _____ing the famous smile, stood before the Mona Lisa for hours

20.admit(v) cho vào, nhận vào
eg: The staff refused to _____ the patient until he had proof of insurance.

21. advance(n) sự tiến bộ
eg: Every _____ in technology was evident throughout the hotel's computerized functions.

22. affordable(adj) giá cả phải chăng
eg: The company's first priority was to find an _____ phone system.

23. agency(n) đại lý, chi nhánh, sở, hãng
eg: Once we decided we wanted to go to Costa Rica for vacation, we called the travel _____ to see how much flights would cost.

24. agenda(n) chương trình nghị sự
eg: The board was able to cover fifteen items on the _____.

25. aggressive(adj) quyết đoán; cạnh tranh
eg: Wall Street is a very _____ atmosphere where only the strong survive.

26. agreement(n) hợp đồng, sự thống nhất chung
eg: According to the _____, the caterer will also supply the flowers for the event.

27. allocate(v) phân bổ
eg:The office manager did not _____ enough money to purchase software.

28. allow(v) cho phép, chấp nhận
eg: My insurance does not _____ me to choose my own hospital.

29. alternative(n) sự lựa chọn (một trong hai); phương án thay thế
eg: I'd like to know the _____ to this treatment before I agree to it.

30.announcement(n) lời tuyên bố, cáo thị, lời thông báo
eg: Did you hear an _____ about our new departure time.

31. annual(adj) hàng năm
eg: I try to schedule my _____ physical right after my birthday.

32. anxious(adj) lo lắng; băn khoăn
eg: The developers were _____ about the sales forecast for the new product.

33. appeal(adj) hấp dẫn, lôi cuốn
eg: The colorful vegetable made the dish look _____ing.

34. apply(v) nộp hồ sơ ứng tuyển
eg; The college graduate _____ed for three jobs and received three offers.

35. appointment(n) sự hẹn gặp, chức vụ được bổ nhiệm
eg: To get the most out of your _____, keep a log of your symptoms and concerns.

36. appreciate(v) hiểu, nhận thức rõ
eg: He didn't _____ the complexity of the operation until he had to do it by himself.

37. apprehensive(adj) lo lắng, sợ hãi (về tương lai)
eg: The mortgage lender was _____ about the company's ability to pay.

38. apprentice(n) người học việc, sinh viên tập sự
eg: Instead of attending cooking school, Raul chose to work as an _____ with a experienced chef.

39. approach(v) tiếp cận, lại gần; (n) sự tiếp cận, cách tiếp cận
eg: The director's _____ to the play was controversial.

40. arrangement(n) sự sắp xếp, kế hoạch
eg: The travel _____ were taken care of by Sara, Mr. Billings's capable assistant.

41. arrive(v) đến nơi
eg: By the time our meal _____ed, it was cold.

42. ascertain(v) tìm hiểu chắc chắn, xác định
eg: A customer survey will help to _____ whether there is a market for the product.

43. as need(adv) khi cần
eg: The courier service did not come everyday, only _____.

44. aspect(n) khía cạnh, mặt, diện mạo
eg: The _____ of HMOs that people most dislike is the lack of personal service.

45. assemble(v) thu thập, tụ tập
eg: Her assistant copied and _____ed the documents.

46. assess(v) định giá, đánh giá
eg: The insurance rate Mr. Victor was _____ed went up this year after he admitted that he had started smoking again.

47. asset(n) tài sản
eg: The company's _____ are worth millions of dollars.

48. assignment(n) sự phân công, sự giao việc, việc được giao
eg: When the reporter is on _____, research piles up on her desk.

49. assist(v) giúp đỡ, trợ giúp
eg: Bonnie hired a secretary to _____ her with the many details of the event.

50. association(n) tổ chức, hiệp hội
eg: Local telephone companies formed an _____ to serve common goals, meet their common needs, and improve efficiency.

51. assume(v) cho là đúng, thừa nhận
eg: The young man felt ready to _____ the new responsibilities of his promotion.

52. assurance(n) sự đảm bảo
eg: The sales associate gave his _____ that the missing keyboard would be replaced the next day.

53. attain(v) đến tới, đạt được
eg: The director ____ his goal of an Academy Award.

54. attend(v) tham gia, hướng tới
eg: The hotel manager _____ed to all our needs promptly.

55. attitude(n) thái độ
eg: Each investor should assess his or her own _____ toward investment.

56. attract(v) thu hút
eg: The new advertising _____s the wrong kind of customer into the store.

57. audience(n) khán giả, người xem
eg: The _____ cheered the actors as they walked off the stage.

58. audit(n) công việc kiểm toán, sự kiểm tra sổ sách; (v) kiểm toán
eg: No one looks forward to an _____ by government.

59. authorization(n) sự cho phép, sự cấp phép, sự phê chuẩn
eg: The nurse could not submit an _____ over the phone, it had to be done in writing.

60. automatic(adj) tự động
eg: The _____ foot massager was so popular, we couldn't keep it in stock.

61. available(adj) có sẵn, sẵn sàng để dùng
eg: I checked the list of _____ compact discs before ordering.

62. avoid(v) tránh
eg: To _____ going out of business, owners should prepare a proper business plan.

63. aware(adj) biết, nhận thấy
eg: My dentist made me _____ that I should have an appointment twice a year.

64. background(n) quá trình học tập
eg: Your _____ in the publishing industry is a definite asset for this job.

65. balance(n) số dư tài khoản; bản quyết toán thu chi; (v) quyết toán, cân đối tài khoản
eg: It took him over an hour to _____ his checkbook.

66. bargain(n) sự mặc cả, món hời
eg: We were thrilled with the _____s we found at the clothing sale.

67. basic(adj) cơ bản, cơ sở
eg: The new restaurant offers a very _____ menu.

68. basis(n) nền tảng, cơ sở, căn cứ
eg: The manager didn't have any _____for firing the employee.

69. bear(v) chịu, chịu đựng
eg: Moya doesn't like crowds so she cannot _____ to shop during the holiday rush.

70. be aware of(v) nhận thức được, ý thức được
eg: The new staff member wasn't _____ the company's position on working a second job.

71. be exposed to(v) đúc kết kinh nghiệm
eg: Mergers require that employees _____ to difference business practices.

72. beforehand(adv) sẵn sàng trước
eg: To speed up the mailing, we should prepare the label _____.

73. behavior(n) cách cư xử
eg: Annu is conducting a survey on whether consumer _____differs between men and women.

74. be in charge of(v) chịu sự điều khiển , có trách nhiệm
eg: He appointed someone to _____ maitaining a supply of paper in the fax machine.

75. benefit(n) lợi ích; (v) được lợi
eg: We all ______ from company's policy of semiannual reviews.

76. be ready for(v) sẵn sàng cho, đã chuẩn bị cho
eg: The employer wasn't ____ for the applicant's questions.

77. beverage(n) đồ uống
eg: The flight attendant offered all passengers a cold _____ during the flight.

78. blanket(n) chăn; (v) phủ lên, che phủ, trùm chăn
eg: The snow _____ed the windshield, making ti diffucult to see the road.

79. board(v) lên tàu/ ăn cơm trọ
eg: We will _____ the train for New York in ten minutes.

80. borrow(v) vay, mượn
eg: The couple _____ed money from the bank to buy a home.

81. brand(n) mác sản phẩm, nhãn hàng
eg: All _____s of aspirin are the same.

82. bring in(v) thuê mướn, dẫn tới
eg: The company president wanted to _____ an efficiency consultant.

83. bring together(v) tập hợp, thu thập
eg: Every year, the firm _____ its top lawyers and its newest recruits for a trainning session.

84. bring up(v) đề cập tới (1 chủ đề...)
eg: Just as the meeting was about to finish, the manager _____ a controversial issue.

85. broad(adj) rộng, bao la, mênh mông
eg: The history of music covers a _____ range of culture and ethnicity.

86. budget(n) ngân sách, ngân quỹ
eg: If the development group doesn't cut back expenses, they'll be over the _____.

87. build up(v) làm tăng theo thời gian, tăng theo thời gian
eg: The firm has _____ a solid reputation for itself.

88. burdensome(adj) nặng nề, gánh nặng
eg: The ______ load made the deliveryman's back ache.

89. busy(adj) bận rộn/ náo nhiệt, đông đúc
eg: The airport was busy, with people catching plants and heading for car rentel companies.

90. calculate(v) tính toán
eg: You should _____ how much the party will cost.

91. call in(v) yêu cầu, gọi tới
eg: The human resources manager _____all the qualified applicants for a second interview.

92. cancel(v) huỷ bỏ
eg: The man _____ed his magazine subscription and got his money back.

93. candidate(n) ứng cử viên, người dự tuyển
eg: The recruiter will interview all _____s for the position.

94. capacity(n) sức chứa
eg: The new conference room is much larger and has a _____ of one hundred people.

95. carrier(n) người chuyển hàng, người đưa thư
eg: Lou, our favorite _____, takes extra care of our boxes marked fragile.

96. casual(adj) thông thường
eg: Fridays are a _____ dress day in the office.

97. catalog(n) bảng liệt kê mục lục; (v) ghi vào mục lục, chia từng loại
eg: Ellen _____ed the complaints according to severity.

98. catch up(v) đuổi kịp, bắt kịp
eg: The dental assistant ______ on her paperwork in between patients.

99. category(n) hạng, loại
eg: Jazz is one of many _____es of music.

100. cautious(adj) thận trọng
eg: The bank manager was _____ when giving out information to people she dit not know.

101. chain(n) chuỗi, dây chuyền (làm việc)
eg: The hotel being built in Seoul is the newest one in the _____.

102. characteristic(adj) đặc tính, đặc điểm
eg: The cooking pot has features _____ of the band, such as "stay cool" handles.

103. charge(v) tính giá; (n) tiền phải trả
eg: The extra _____ for gift wrapping your purchase will appear in your invoice.

104. check in(v) đăng ký tên (khách sạn, sân bay)
eg: Patrons _____ at the hotel immediately upon their arrival.

105. checkout(n) sự thanh toán tiền (khách sạn, ...), nơi thanh toán tiền, hành động thanh toán tiền...
eg: The line at this _____ is too long, so let's look for another.

106. choose(v) chọn, lựa
eg: I did not _____ that candidate to be the editor of our student newspaper.

107. circumstance(n) điều kiện, hoàn cảnh, tình huống
eg: Under the current economic _____s, they will not be able to purchase the property.

108. claim(v) đòi hỏi, yêu sách, thỉnh cầu/ lấy lại, tìm lại được (vật đã mất)
eg: Lost luggage can be _____ed at the airline office.

109. client(n) khách hàng
eg: We must provide excellent services for our _____s, otherwise we will lose them to our competition.

110. code(n) lề thói, tập quán
eg: Even the most traditional companies are changing their dress ____ to something less formal.

111. coincide(v) xảy ra đồng thời, trùng khớp với nhau
eg: Sean was hoping that the days for the special discount on car rentals would _____ with his vacation, but they did not.

112. collaboration(n) sự cộng tác
eg: The manager had never seen such effective _____ between two group.

113. collection(n) bộ sưu tập, sự sưu tầm
eg: The museum's _____ contained many works donated by famous collectors

114. combine(v) kết hợp, phối hợp
eg: The director _____ed two previously separate visual techniques.

115. come up with(v) phát minh, tạo ra
eg: In order for that small business to succeed, it needs to _____ a new strategy.

116. comfort(n) sự hài lòng, sự thuận tiện; (sn) tiện nghi
eg: I like to dress for comfort if i'm spending the day shopping.

117. commensurate(adj) đúng với, xứng với, tương ứng với
eg: Generally the first year's salary is _____ with experience and education level.

118. commitment(n) sự cam kết
eg: The president made a _____ to his employees that they would be given shares of stock if the company was successful.

119. common(adj) phổ biến, thông thường
eg: It is _____ for the office manager to be designated to order lunch for business meetings.

120. compare(v) so sánh
eg: The price for this brand is high _____ed to the other brands on the market.

121. compatible(adj) tương thích
eg: This operating system is not _____ with this model computer.

122. compensate(v) đền bù, bồi thường, trả cho
eg: The company will _____ employees for any travel expenses.

123. compete(v) đấu tranh, cạnh tranh
eg: We _____ed against three other agencies to get this contract.

124. compile(v) thu thập tài liệu
eg: I have _____ed a list of the most popular items in our sale catalog.

125. complete(adj) đầy đủ, trọn vẹn, hoàn toàn
eg: The new restaurant offers a _____ menu of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

126. complicated(adj) phức tạp, khó hiểu
eg: This explanation is too _____; try to make it simple.

127. comprehensive(adj) bao gồm, kể cả/ sáng ý
eg: Our travel agent have us a _____ travel package, including rail passes.

128. compromise(n) sự thoả hiệp
eg: The couple made a _____ and ordered food for take out.

129. concentrate(v) tập trung
eg: She should _____ her efforts on the last quarter of the year.

130. concern(v) liên quan, dính líu, quan tâm; (n) việc phải lo
eg: Whenever I have health _____s, I call my doctor.

131. conclude(v) kết thúc, kết luận
eg: After long discussions, the board has _____ed that the project has to be canceled.

132. condition(n) điều kiện
efg: There are certain _____s that are unique to leasing a property.

133. conducive(adj) đưa đến, dẫn đến/ có ích, có lợi
eg: Arranging chairs so that participants can see each other easily is _____ to open communication.

134. conduct(v) tiến hành, thể hiện, cư xử; (n) cách cư xử
eg: Interviews were _____ed over a period of three weeks.

135. confidence(n) sự tự tin
eg: Good applicants show _____ during an interview.

136. confirm(v) xác nhận, phê chuẩn
eg: Jorge called the hotel to _____ that he had a room reservation.

137. conform(v) làm cho phù hợp, làm cho thích hợp
eg: Our safety standards _____ to those established by the government.

138. confusion(n) sự mơ hồ, sự rối rắm
eg: To avoid any ____ about renting the car, Yolanda asked her travel agent to make the arrangements on her behalf.

139. consequence(n) hậu quả, kết quả
eg: As a _____ of not having seen a dentist for several years, Lydia had several cavities.

140. conservative(adj) dè dặt, thận trọng
eg: Generally, older people should be more _____ in their investing than younger people.

141. consider(v) cân nhắc, xem xét
eg: After ____ing all the options, Della decided to buy a used car.

142. constant(n) hằng số; (adj) không đổi
eg: People _____ly look to the news to keep up-to-date on what is going on in the world.

143. constantly(adj) liên tục
eg: The company is _____ looking for highly trained employees.

144. constitute(v) cấu thành
eg: All the different news sources _____ the media industry.

145. consult(v) hỏi ý kiến, tham khảo
eg: May I _____ with you about a drug interaction case I have?

146. consume(v) tiêu thụ, tiêu dùng
eg: Chen _____s more than his share of computer time.

147. contact(v) liên hệ, liên lạc
eg: Manuel _____ed at least a dozen car rental agencies to get the best deal.

148. continue(v) tiếp tục, tiếp diễn, duy tri
eg: The film _____s the story set out in an earlier film.

149. contribute(v) đóng góp, góp phần
eg: Make sure your boss is aware of the work you _____ed to the project.

150. control(v) chỉ huy, điều khiển, kiểm soát
eg: To _____ the cost of this medication, you may get the generic verson.

151. convenient(adj) thuận tiện, dễ dàng
eg: Is this a _____ location for you to pick up your prescription?

152. convince(v) thuyết phục (= persuade)
eg: The salesman _____ed his customer to buy his entire inventory of pens.

153. coordinate(v) phối hợp, sắp xếp (công việc)
eg: The colors of the flowers were ordered to _____ with the colors in the corporate logo.

154. courier(n) người đưa thư
eg: We hired a _____ to deliver the parkage.

155. cover(v) bao bọc, bao gồm, bảo vệ, che đậy
eg: Will my medical insurance _____ this surgery?

156. create(v) sáng tạo, tạo nên
eg: The writer ____ed the characters to represent the seven deadly sins.

157. criticism(n) sự phê bình, lời bình phẩm
eg: The revered artist's _____ of the piece was particularly insighful.

158. crucial(adj) quan trọng, nổi bật
eg: Inventory is a _____ process and must be taken seriously by all staffs.

159. culinary(adj) liên quan tới bếp núc
eg: His interest in ____ arts drew him to a commercial foods program.

160. current(adj) đang tồn tại, đang thịnh hành
eg: It is important to read _____ magazines to see how competitors market their products.

161. customer(n) khách hàng
eg: Let's make sure all invoices sent to _____s and are kept in alphabetical order.

162. daring(adj) táo bạo, liều lĩnh
eg: Ordering the raw squid seemed quite a _____ thing to do.

163. deadline(n) hạn chót, hạn cuối cùng
eg: The _____ was to tight and they couldn't finish the project.

164. deal with(v) chú trọng, chăm lo/ giải quyết, xoay sở
eg: Ticket agents must _____ courteously with irate customers.

165. debt(n) món nợ, khoản nợ
eg: The banks are worried about your incresing _____.

166. decade(n) thập kỷ
eg: Each _____ seems to have its own fad products

167. decisive(adj) quả quyết; dứt khoát
eg: Newspaper editors must be _____ when determining which stories go on the front page.

168. dedication(n) sự cống hiến
eg: The director's _____ to a high-quality product has motivated many of his employees.

169. deduct(v) lấy đi, trừ đi
eg: Before computing his taxes, Christophe remembered to _____ allowable home improvement expenses.

170. defect(n) sự sai sót, khuyết điểm, lỗi
eg: Because of a _____ in stitching, the entire suit was thrown out.

171. delay(v) trì hoãn; (n) khoảng thời gian trì hoãn
eg: The bus was _____ed due to inclement weather.

172. delete(v) xóa bỏ
eg: The technicians _____ed all the data on the disk accidentally.

173. delicate(adj) tinh tế, tế nhị
eg: The manager _____ly asked about the health of his client.

174. delivery(n) sự phân phát, sự giao hàng
eg: The restaurant is reluctant to make _____es, but makes exception for your office.

175. deluxe(adj) sang trọng, xa xỉ
eg: My parents decided to splurge on _____ accommodations for their trip.

176. demanding(adj) đòi hỏi khắt khe
eg: Theodore was exhausted by his _____ job in the restaurant.

177. demonstrate(v) chứng minh, làm sáng tỏ
eg: The professor _____ed through a case study that a business plan can impress a lender.

178. depart(v) rời khỏi, khởi hành/ sao lãng, đi lệch
eg: After thw wedding, the married couple _____ed for their honeymoon in Morocco.

179. description(n) sự mô tả, sự diễn tả
eg: The _____ of the film did not match what we saw on screen.

180. designate(v) chỉ định, chọn lựa, bổ nhiệm
eg: On her admittance form, Grandmother _____ed Aunt Tessa as her chief decision-maker.

181. desired(adj) muốn có
eg: The _____ outcome of a projected budget is increased control over the business.

182. destination(n) đích, điểm đến
eg: The Great Barrier Reef is a popular tourist _____ this year.

183. detail(v) trình bày tỉ mỉ, chi tiết
eg: The office manager _____ed each step of inventory process at the staff meeting.

184. detect(v) dò tìm, xác định
eg: My doctor put me through some simple tests to _____ if I have asthma.

185. determine(v) quyết định
eg: After reading the contract, I was still unable to _____ if our company was liable for back wages.

186. develop(v) mở rộng, phát triển, cải tiến
eg: The restaurant Wanda opened ten years ago has _____ed into a national chain.

187. diagnose(v) chẩn đoán (bệnh)
eg: She _____ed the problem as a failure to follow the directions for taking the medication.

188. dialogue(n) cuộc hội thoại
eg: The written _____ seemed great, but was hard to perform.

189. dimension(n) kích thước (dài, rộng, cao...)
eg: What are the _____s of the ballroom?

190. directory(n) sách hướng dẫn, sách chỉ dẫn
eg: We consulted the _____ to see where the train station was located.

191. disappoint(v) làm thất vọng
eg: I hate to _____ you, but i can't allow you to rent a car unless you have a major credit card.

192. discount(v) giảm giá, triết khấu; (n) sự giảm giá
eg: We are offering a 10 percent _____ to all new customers.

193. discrepancy(n) sự khác nhau, sự không thống nhất, sự bất đồng
eg: The _____ between the two counts was easily explained.

194. disk(n) đĩa, ổ đĩa
eg: It is important to make a backup _____ of all documents on your computer.

195. disparate(adj) khác hẳn nhau, khác loại
eg: Religious songs cut across _____ categories of music.

196. disperse(v) rắc, gieo rắc, truyền (tin)
eg: The reporters _____ed after the press agent cancelled the interview with the film director.

197. display(n) màn hình, hiển thị
eg: The light on the LCD _____ is to weak.

198. disrupt(v) làm gián đoán, ngắt
eg: The strike _____ed the factory's production.

199. disseminate(v) gieo rắc; phổ biến, khuếch tán
eg: The media _____ news across the world.

200. distinguish(v) phân biệt
eg: Suki was able to _____ between the different types of jets on the runway.

201. distraction(n) sự xao lãng, sự mất tập trung, sự đãng trí, sự giải trí, thú tiêu khiển
eg: To provide a ______ from the noise, Luisa's dentist offered her a pair of earphones

202. disturb(v) gây trở ngại, làm phiềm, quấy rầy
eg: I hope I'm not _____ing you , but I need to ask you to move so I can record the products behind you.

203. diverse(adj) đa dạng, gồm nhiều loại khác nhau
eg: The Office Supply Warehouse offers a _____ range of office supplies.

204. divide(v) chia, phân chia, tách rời
eg: The broad topic of music can be _____ed into manageable parts, such as themes, styles, or centuries.

205. dividend(n) tiền lãi cổ phần
eg: The _____ was calculated and distributed to the group.

206. down payment(n) khoản tiền đặt cọc trả trước (trong 1 hợp đồng trả góp)
eg: Karl was disappointed when the real estate agent told him he needed a large _____ on the house.

207. draw(v) lôi kéo, thu hút
eg: We hope the new restaurant will _____ other business to the area.

208. due to(prep) bởi vì, do
eg: _____ the low interest rates, good office space is difficult to find.

209. duplicate(v) tạo bản sao
eg: Before you leave, please _____ that file by making a copy on a floppy disk.

210. durable(adj) bền
eg: These chair were more expensive, in the long run, but also more _____.

211. duration(n) khoảng thời gian (tồn tại 1 sự việc)
eg: Mother lend me her spare jacket for the _____ of the trip.

212. economical(adj) tiết kiệm, kinh tế
eg: There are a number of more _____ ways to get to Tokyo from here.

213. effective(adj) có kết quả, có hiệu lực
eg: The new policies, _____ the beginning of the fiscal year, change the amount charged to see the physician.

214. efficient(adj) hiệu quả
eg: Electronic invoicing has helped us to be _____.

215. elegant(adj) thanh lịch, tao nhã, thơm ngon (món ăn)
eg: The lunch we ordered was not _____, but it wwas hearty.

216. element(n) yếu tố, cơ sở
eg: The audience is an essential _____ of live theater.

217. eligible(adj) đủ tư cách, thích hợp
eg: Some employees may be _____ for the tuition reimbursement plan.

218. embark(v) lên tàu/ bắt đầu
eg: They were nervous, but also excited, to _____ on a long-awaited trip to Africa.

219. emphasize(v) nhấn mạnh, đề cao
eg: The nurse _____ed the importance of eating a balanced diet.

220.encouragement(n) sự động viên, sự khuyến khích
eg: Let me offer you some _____ about your crooked teeth.

221. engage(v) thuê, mướn
eg: We _____ed a salsa band to play at the reception.

222. enhance(v) làm tăng, làm nổi bật
eg: A stylist color _____s appeal of a car.

223. enterprise(n) hãnh kinh doanh
eg: This _____ has become unmanageable and is beginning to lose money.

224. entertainment(n) sự giải trí, sự tiêu khiển
eg: The movie was provided for our _____.

225. entitle(v) cho quyền
eg: During the holiday rush, a train ticket _____ed the passenger to a ride, but not necessarily a seat.

226. equivalent(adj) tương đương
eg: The food the airline serves in coach class is _____ to that served in first class.

227. escort(n) người dẫn đường, người đi theo, người hộ tống
eg: You cannot leave the unit on your own, you'll have to wait for an _____.

228. essential(adj) cần thiết, không thể thiếu được
eg: Having Ann on this team is _____ if we are to win the contract.

229. establish(v) gây dựng nên, thành lập, taọ nên
eg: The merger of the two companies _____ed a powerful new corporation.

230. estimate(v) đánh giá, ước lượng; (n) sự đánh giá
eg: We _____ed our looses this year at about five thousand dollars.

231. evaluate(v) đánh giá
eg: It's important to _____ our competition when making business plan.

232. everyday(adj) hàng ngày, thông thường
eg: This _____ routine of having to check inventrory is boring.

233. evident(adj) hiển nhiên, rõ ràng
eg: The presence of a wisdom tooth was not _____ until the dentist started to examine the patient.

234. exact(adj) chính xác, đúng đắn
eg: We will need an _____ head count by noon tomorrow.

235. examine(v) nghiên cứu, khảo sát
eg: Before marketing a new product, researchers must carefully _____ it from every aspect.

236. excite(v) kích thích, kích động, đánh thức cảm xúc
eg: Exotic flavors always _____ me.

237. excursion(n) cuộc đi tham quan (với giá hạ có định hạn ngày đi và ngày về)
eg: The finance officer was pleased to find an _____ for the entire consulting team.

238. expand(v) mở rộng (phạm vị)
eg: The new manager has significantly _____ed the store's inventory.

239. expect(v) mong chờ, trông mong/ nghĩ rằng, cho rằng, chắc rằng
eg: Mr. Kim _____ed that the bed linens would be changed daily.

240. expensive(adj) đắt
eg: The shops in the airport are convenient, but I think they are _____.

241. experience(n) kinh nghiệm, điều đã trải qua
eg: Going to the theatre was not part of Claude's _____ growing up.

242. experiment(v) thí nghiệm, thử nghiệm; (n) sự thử, phép thử, cuộc thí nghiệm
eg: Product developers must conduct hundreds of _____ in their research.

243. expert(n) chuyên gia, chuyên viên
eg: The candidate demonstrated at the interview that he was an _____ in marketing.

244. expire(v) hết hạn
eg: The warranty protection on this product will _____ on year after the date of purchase.

245. explore(v) khảo sát tỉ mỉ
eg: The colector likes to _____ antique shops looking for bargains.

246. express(adj) nhanh, hoả tốc (thư); rõ ràng
eg: _____ mail costs more than regular mail service, but it is more efficient.

247. express(v) biểu lộ (cảm xúc), bày tỏ (ý kiến)
eg: The photograph _____es a range of emotions.

248. extend(v) kéo dài, mở rộng/ dành cho (sự đón tiếp)
eg: We _____ ed our vacation by a day.

249. facilitate(v): làm cho thuận tiện
eg: The new computer program _____ed the scheduling of appointments.

250. factor(n) nhân tố, yếu tố tạo thành
eg: Could my cat be a _____ contributing to my asthma.

251. fad(n) mốt nhất thời
eg: The mini dress was a _____ once thought to be finished, but now it is making a comeback.

252. fail(v) thất bại, hỏng, làm sai
eg: The new printer _____ed to function properly.

253. fall to(v) là trách nhiệm (của...)
eg: The task of preparing the meal _____ the assistant chef when chief chef was ill.

254. familiar(adj) quen thuộc, thông thường
eg: It's nice to see some _____ items on the menu.

255. fare(n) tiền xe, vé (tàu, xe, máy bay)
eg: The train _____ has increased since i rode last.

256. fashion(n) mốt, thời trang, kiểu cách
eg: The museum's classical architecture has never gone out of _____.

257. favorite(adj) được ưa thích, được ưa chuộng
eg: Hearing the jazz trio in such a large hall is not my _____ way to enjoy them.

258. figure out(v) giải quyết, hiểu ra
eg: We _____ ed _____ that it would take us at least ten minutes to download the file.

259. file(n) hồ sơ, tài liệu; dãy người (xếp hàng)
eg: The police have a large _____ on the suspected thief.

260. fill out(v) hoàn thành
eg: _____ the form and turn it in at the front desk.

261. flavor(n) mùi vị
eg: The cook changed the _____ of the soup with a unique blend of herbs.

262. flexible(adj) linh hoạt, mềm dẻo
eg: Younger workers tend to be more _____ with their work schedules.

263. fluctuate(v) dao động, biến động tăng giảm
eg: No one is very comfortable making a large investment while the currency values _____ almost daily.

264. fold(v) gấp giấy (thư)
eg: _____ the letter into three parts before stuffing it into the envelope.

265. follow up(v) bước tiếp, tiếp tục
eg: Always _____ an interview with a thank-you note.

266. forecast(v) dự đoán, dự báo; (n) sự dự đoán
eg: Analysts _____ a strong economic outlook.

267. forget(v) quên
eg: The waiter _____ to bring rolls, anoying the custormer.

268. frequently(adv) thường xuyên
eg: Applicances _____ come with a one-year warranty.

269. fulfil(v) thực hiện, hoàn thành
eg: The engineers _____ed a client's request for larger display screens.

270. function(v) hoạt động, thực hiện chức năng
eg: She _____ed as the director while Mr. Gibbs was away.

271. fund(n) quỹ; (v) cấp vốn, tài trợ
eg: The company will _____ the trip to the conference.

272. garment(n) hàng may mặc
eg: Every _____ must be carefully inspected for defects before it is shipped.

273. gather(v) thu thập, tập hợp
eg: We _____ed information for our plan from many sources.

274. general(adj) chung chung, tổng quát
eg: We have a _____ idea of how many guests will attend.

275. generate(v) tạo ra, sản xuất ra
eg: The new training program _____ed a lot of interest among employees.

276. get in touch(v) liên lạc, liên hệ
eg: As soon as we arrive at the hotel, we will _____ with the manager about the unexpected guests.

277. get out of(v) trốn thoát, đi ra
eg: The company wanted to _____ the area before property values declined even futher.

278. give up(v) từ bỏ
eg: I _____ smoking last year.

279. glimpse(n) cái nhìn thoáng qua
eg: The secretary caught a _____ of her new boss as she was leaving the office.

280. go ahead(v) tiếp tục làm; (n) sự cho phép làm
eg: Five of the six members felt that they should _____ with the plan.

281. goal(n) mục tiêu, mục đích
eg: Employees are expected to analyze and evaluate their annual _____s.

282. guide(n) người hướng dẫn, người chỉ dẫn
eg: The _____ led our tour group to a small restaurant only known to the locals.

283. habit(n) thói quen
eg: The patient had a _____ of grinding his teeth during his sleep.

284. hamper(v) cản trở, ngăn trở, làm vướng
eg: The lack of supplies _____ed our ability to finish on schedule.

285. hesitate(v) ngập ngừng, do dự, không nhất quyết, 
eg: Don't _____ to call if you have any questions connecting the job.

286. hire(v) thuê, tuyển dụng; (n) người làm thuê
eg: She was _____ed after her third interview.

287. hold(v) tổ chức, tiến hành
eg: She _____s an annual seminar that is very popular.

288. housekeeper(n) người coi nhà, người quản gia
eg: Eloise's first job at the hotel was as a ____ and now she is the manager.

289. ideal(adj) lý tưởng, tồn tại trong tưởng tượng
eg: The _____ location for the concert would have plenty of parking.

290. identify(v) xác định, định danh, nhận dạng, đồng nhất hoá, coi như nhau
eg: Your medical records are all marked with your patient number to _____ them in case of a mix-up.

291. ignore(v) bỏ qua, lờ đi
eg: Don't _____ the technician's advice when connecting cables.

292. illuminate(v) giải thích, giảng giải, làm sáng tỏ
eg: Let me turn on more lights to properly ______ the back teeth.

293. impact(n) sự tác động, sự ảnh hưởng; (v) tác động mạnh vào
eg: The story of the presidential scandal had a huge _____ on the public.

294. imply(v) ám chỉ
eg: The travel agent _____ed that our hotel was not in the safest part of the city, but, when pressed for details, he said the location was fine.

295. impose(v) bắt chịu, (+ on, upon) gây tác động mạnh tới
eg: The company will _____ a surcharge for any items returned.

296. impress(v) gây ấn tượng, làm cảm kích
eg: I was _____ed with how quickly they deliveried our lunch.

297. inconsiderate(adj) thô lỗ, bất lịch sự, thiếu suy nghĩ
eg: Playing loud music in the office is _____ and will not be tolerated.

298. incorporate(v) sát nhập, kết hợp
eg: Here are the fresh greens for you to _____ into a salad.

299. incur(v) hình thành, ra đời, thừa hưởng
eg: Dominic _____s the cost of a co-payment at each doctor's visit

300. in-depth(adj) tỉ mỉ, kỹ lưỡng, chu đáo, triệt để, hoàn toàn
eg: The newspaper gave _____ coverage of the tragic bombing.

301. indicator(n) vật chỉ thị, tín hiệu, dấu hiệu
eg: The results of the elections was seen as an important _____ of the stability in the area.

302. individual(adj) riêng lẻ, cá nhân, độc đáo, đặc biệt
eg: He had the delivery man mark the contents of each _____ order.

303. influence(v) ảnh hưởng, tác động
eg: The editor's style _____ed a generation of film editors.

304. influx(n) sự chảy vào, sự tràn vào
eg: An _____ of new chefs is constantly needed to fill open jobs.

305. ingredient(n) thành phần (của 1 hỗn hợp)
eg: I was unfamiliar with some of the _____ in the dish.

306. initiative(n) bước đầu, sự sáng tạo; vai trò tích cực
eg: Employees are encouraged to take the _____ and share their ideas with management.

307. inspect(v) kiểm tra, thanh tra, theo dõi
eg: A quality control agent who does not _____ every product carefully can ruin his company's reputation.

308. inspire(v) truyền cảm hứng
eg: His painting style was _____ed by the works of the Old Masters.

309. instinct(n) bản năng
eg: The student's ability to play the cello was so natural, it seemed an _____.

310. instrument(n) công cụ, phương tiên, trang thiết bị
eg: The senior physician carried his _____s in a black leather bag.

311. integral(adj) cần cho tính toàn bộ, tính trọn vẹn
eg: Good customer relation is an _____ component of any business.

312. intend(v) có ý định, có ý muốn
eg: Do you _____ to return the car to this location or to another location?

313. interaction(n) sự ảnh hưởng lẫn nhau, tác động qua lại
eg: The _____ between the patient and the doctor showed a high level of trust.

314. inventory(n) hàng hoá tồn kho, bảng kê hàng hoá, danh mục hàng hoá
eg: Their _____ had not changed much over the years, which made the customers feel bored.

315. invest(v) đầu tư
eg: Don't _____ all of your time in just one project.

316. investigative(adj) thuộc điều tra nghiên cứu (về thông tin bị che giấu), thuộc tìm hiểu sự thật
eg: He is one of the most famous _____ reporters.

317. irritate(v) chọc tức, kích thích (y học)
eg: The broken tooth rubbed againsts my tongue, _____ing it.

318. item(n) khoản, mục, món (đồ), đơn vị
eg: Do you think i can get all these items into one bag?

319. itinerary(n) nhật ký đường đi; lịch trình
eg: I had to change my _____ when I decided to add two more countries to my vacation.

320. joint(adj) chung, chia sẻ, cùng
eg: We opened a _____ account five years ago.

321. judge(v) phán đoán, đánh giá
eg: The restaurant review harshly _____ed the quality of the service.

322. keep up with(v) giữ liên lạc với, bắt kịp với
eg: Employees are encouraged to take courses in order to _____ new developments.

323. layout(n) định dạng trang giấy (bản in)
eg: We had to change the _____ when we changed the size of the paper.

324. lead time(n) tiến độ (thời gian giữa lúc bắt đầu và lúc hoàn thành 1 quá trình sản xuất)
eg: We will need to give the caterer enough _____ to cut the cake.

325. lease(n) hợp đồng cho thuê, (v) thuê, cho thuê
eg: They decided to _____ the property rather than buy it.

326. leisure(n) thời gian rảnh rỗi, thì giờ rỗi rãi
eg: We can go to the permanent collection at our _____.

327. lengthy(adj) xa, dài, dài dong
eg: After _____ discussions, the chairperson was reelected for another term.

328. level(n) mức, cấp độ
eg: The meeting was only open to staff at the assistant director _____ or higher.

329. liability(n) nghĩa vụ, bổn phận, trách nhiệm pháp lý
eg: The store's insured _____ protects against theft and damaged inventory.

330. license(n) giấy phép
eg: First, I'll need to see your driver's _____ and a major credit card.

331. limit(n) giới hạn, hạn độ
eg: My presciption has a _____ of three refills.

332. link(n) mối liên hệ, sự liên kết
eg: The computer _____s will take you to today's headlines

333. list(n) danh sách; (v) lập danh sách
eg: The office manager compiled a _____ of everyone's order.

334. lobby(n) phòng giải lao, phòng chờ
eg: The reception area was moved from the _____ of the building to the third floor.

335. location(n) địa điểm, vị trí
eg: The _____ of the meeting was changed from the Red room to the Green room.

336. lock into(v) cam kết
eg: Before you ___yourself ___ something, check all your options.

337. logical(adj) hợp lý, theo lô gíc
eg: It is only _____ for research and development team to concentrate on one or two new products at a time.

338. long-term(adj) dài hạn, lâu dài
eg: The CEO's _____ goal was to increase the return on investment.

339. looked to(v) phụ thuộc vào, dựa vào
eg: The workers always ______ him to settle their disagreements.

340. look forward to(v) háo hức, chờ đợi, mong ngóng
eg: We _____ seeing you at the next meeting.

341. look up to(v) ngưỡng mộ 
eg: Staff members _____ the director because he had earned their respect over the year.

342. loyal(adj) trung thành, đáng tin cậy
eg: Even though your assistant is _____, you have to question his job performance.

343. made of(v) làm từ, gồm có
eg: This job will really test what you are _____.

344. maintain(v) tiếp tục, duy trì, giữ vững
eg: Trying to _____ two different stockrooms is to much work.

345. majority(n) phần lớn, đa số
eg: The _____ of the group wanted to try the new Chinese restaurant.

346. manage(v) giải quyết, điều khiển, dạy bảo
eg: The head nurse's ability to _____ her staff through a difficult time caught the hospital administrator's attention.

347. mandatory(adj) tính bắt buộc
eg: The jewerly store has a _____ policy of showing customers only once item at a time.

348. market(v) tiếp thị
eg: When Omar first began making his chutneys, he _____ed them door-to-door to gourmet shops.

349. match(n) sự phù hợp, người ngang sức
eg: Finding a good _____ is never easy.

350. matter(n) vấn đề, đề tài, nội dung
eg: This is not the place to bring up personal _____s.

351. mention(v) đề cập tới; (n) sự nói đến, sự nhắc tới
eg: There was no _____ of the cost in the proposal.

352. mentor(n) người cố vấn
eg: The _____ helped her make some decisions about combining career and family.

353. merchandise(n) hàng hoá
eg: I am very impressed with the selection of _____ at this store.

354. merit(n) sự tuyệt vời, giá trị cao
eg: Your work has improved tremendously and is of great _____.

355. method(n) phương pháp, thủ tục
eg: Gloria perfected a simple _____ for making croissants.

356. minimize(v) giảm tới mức tối thiểu, đánh giá thấp
eg: The shipping staff _____ ed customer complaints by working overtime to deliver the packages quickly.

357. mission(n) sứ mệnh, nhiệm vụ
eg: The hospital chaplain took as his _____ to visit every patients admitted each day.

358. mistake(n) lỗi
eg: I made a _____ in adding up your bill and we overcharged you twenty dollars.

359. mix(v) trộn lẫn, hoà vào nhau; (n) hỗn hợp
eg: The _____ of bright colors on the plate was very pleasing.

360. mix-up(n) tình trạng lộn xộn, cuộc ẩu đả.
eg: There was a _____ in the kitchen so your order will be delayed.

361. monitor(v) theo dõi, giám sát (= keep track of)
eg: The patient had weekly appointments so that the doctor could _____ her progress.

362. mortgage(n) tài sản thế chấp, tiền thế chấp; (v) cầm cố, thế nợ
eg: Due to low interest rates, Sheila moved quickly to find a good deal on a _____.

363. move up(v) thăng tiến, thúc đẩy
eg: In order to _____ in the company, employees had to demonstrate their loyalty.

364. multiple(adj) nhiều, phức tạp
eg: It takes _____ steps to get into this building, which frustrates all our employees.

365. narrow(v) thu hẹp; (adj) chật hẹp, eo hẹp
eg: The restaurant has a _____ range of choice, but can offer fast delivery.

366. negotiate(v) đàm phán
eg: You must know what you want and what you can accept when you _____ a salary.

367. nervous(adj) dễ bị kích thích, nóng nảy, hay hoảng sợ
eg: Lonnie is _____ about driving in the city, so I volunteered to drive that part of the trip.

368. network(n) mạng lưới, hệ thống
eg: There is a _____ of women professionals that meets once a month for drinks.

369. notify(v) khai báo, thông báo, cho biết
eg: Lydia _____ed the hotel in writing that she was canceling her reservation.

370. obligate(v) bắt tuân thủ, bắt phải tuân theo
eg: The contractor was _____ed by the contract to work 40 hours a week.

371. obtain(v) đạt được, giành được
eg: I've been trying to _____ a list of supplies from the administrators for three weeks now.

372. obvious(adj) rõ ràng, hiển nhiên
eg: In many countries, it is very _____ who will be promoted.

373. occupancy(n) sự chiếm đóng, sự cư ngụ
eg: The _____ rate in the building has never fallen below 85 percent.

374. occur(v) xảy ra, xuất hiện
eg: The murder in the play occurs in the second act.

375. offer(v) đưa ra
eg: We _____ed the job of writing the business plan to Devon.

376. offset(v) đền bù, bù đắp
eg: By reducing her transportation costs once in the United States, Mrs, Sato _____ the cost of getting to this country.

377. on hand(adj) có sẵn để dùng
eg: The new employee will be _____ if we need more help with shipping orders.

378. on track(adj) đúng kế hoạch, đúng lịch, tập trung
eg: If we stay _____, the meeting should be finished at 9:30.

379. open to(adj) dễ tiếp thu, dễ lĩnh hội
eg: What I valued most in my previous suppervisor was that she was always _____ ideas and suggestions.

380. operate(v) hoạt động, thực hiện chức năng
eg: The trains _____s on a punctual schedule.

381. opt(v) chọn, quyết định chọn (= decide on)
eg: If Mary _____s to joint that department, you will be working together.

382. option(n) sự lựa chọn
eg: With the real estate market so tight right now, you don't have that many _____s.

383. optional(adj) tuỳ chọn, không bắt buộc
eg: Having a driver's license is not _____.

384. order(n) đơn đặt hàng; (v) đặt hàng
eg: The customer placed an _____ for ten new chairs.

385. outdated(adj) lỗi thời
eg: Before you do a mailing, make sure that none of the addresses are _____.

386. outlet(n) lối thoát; phương tiện thoả mãn (chí hướng)
eg: Even before he became a professional baker, Jacob used baking as an _____ for frustration.

387. out of(adj) hết
eg: Orders should be placed before you run _____ the supplies.

388. outstanding(adj) còn tồn tại, chưa giải quyết xong
eg: That client still has several _____ bills.

389. overall(adj) toàn bộ, toàn thể, nói chung, nhìn chung
eg: _____, our costs are running true to prediction.

390. overcrowded(adj) quá đông
eg: To avoid being _____, we limited the number of guests that members could bring.

391. overview(n) tổng quan, sự khái quát
eg: I did a quick _____ of your teeth and they look in good shape.

392. owe(v) nợ, phải trả nợ
eg: I am sorry, I _____ you an explanation.

393. party(n) đảng phái, bên, phía (đối tác)
eg: The _____ies agreed to settlement in their contract dispute.

394. patron(n) khách hàng quen, khách hàng thường xuyên
eg: Once the word was out about the new chef, _____s lines up to get into the restaurant.

395. penalty(n) hình phạt, khoản tiền phạt
eg: Anyone who pays less than they should in taxes will face a _____.

396. perceive(v) hiểu được, nhận thức được, lĩnh hội
eg: Every employee who enjoys profit sharing _____s his job as quality control.

397. perform(v) trình diễn, biểu diễn
eg: Juan _____ed the role without forgetting any lines.

398. periodically(adv) một cách định kỳ
eg: The group tried to meet _____.

399. permit(v) cho phép
eg: Would you check with the nurse to see if I am _____ed to eat before surgery.

400. personnel(n) nhân viên, công chức
eg: The office manager insteaded that she need more _____ to finish the project on time.

401. perspective(n) viễn cảnh, triển vọng
eg: The budget statement will give the manager some _____ on where the costs of running the business are to be found.

402. persuade(v) thuyết phục (= convince)
eg: No amount of marketing could _____ Doris to give up her old, but reliable, laundry soap.

403. pertinent(adj) phù hợp, có liên quan
eg: The patient's health record contained _____ information, like the dates of all his inoculations.

404. petition(n) đơn yêu cầu, kiến nghị 
eg: The _____ was photocopied for the workers who will take the copies to collect the necessary signatures.

405. physical(adj) thuộc thể chất, thuộc vật chất
eg: The _____ presence of a computer expert is better than telephone support.

406. pick up(v) đảm nhiệm, nhận làm
eg: If you ask me nicely, I will _____ the order on may way home.

407. plan(n) kế hoạch; (v) lên kế hoạch
eg: The _____ is to gather tomorrow to discuss the menu.

408. policy(n) chính sách
eg: Company _____ did not provide for overtime pay.

409. popularity(n) tính phổ biến, sự ưa chuộng của quần chúng
eg: After the new commercials began running, the _____ of the batteries increased significantly.

410. portfolio(n) danh mục đầu tư. danh mục vốn đầu tư
eg: Investors are advised to have diverse _____s.

411. portion(n) phần, đoạn, khúc
eg: A _____ of my benefits is my health care coverage.

412. position(n) vị trí, tư thế, địa vị
eg: Let me tilt your head to a more comfortable _____ for you.

413. potential(adj) khả năng
eg: Given the _____ delay in getting reimbursed by the health plan, why don't we just fill one prescription today?

414. practice(n) bài luyện, phương pháp làm
eg: Office _____s may very greatly from one company to another.

415. preclude(v) ngăn ngừa, loại trừ
eg: The horrible rainstorm _____ed us from traveling any further.

416. predict(v) nói trước, báo trước, dự đoán
eg: I _____ed this restaurant would become popular and I was right.

417. preference(n) sự thiên vị, sự ưu tiên, sự thích hơn
eg: His musical _____ were for contemporary popular music.

418. prepare(v) chuẩn bị 
eg: Are you _____ed for the challenges of this new job?

419. prerequisite(n) điều cần có trước hết, điều kiện tiên quyết
eg: One of the _____s for this job is competence in book-keeping.

420. present(v) giới thiệu, trình bày, thể hiện
eg: The candidate _____ed her qualifications so well that the employer offered her a job on the spot.

421. prevent(v) cản trở, gây trở ngại
eg: His full caseload _____ed the doctor from taking on new patients.

422. primary(adj) chính, chủ yếu, ưu tiên
eg: The _____ reason for writing a business plan is to avoid common errors.

423. priority(n) quyền ưu tiên, sự ưu tiên hàng đầu
eg: The manager was ineffective because she was unable to set _____es.

424. procedure(n) thủ tục, chuỗi hành động (cần được hoàn thành để thực hiện cái gì).
eg: Can the hospital to schedule this _____ for tomorrow.

425. process(n) quá trình; (v) xử lý theo tiến trình
eg: There is a _____ for determining why your computer if malfunctioning.

426. productive(adj) năng suất, hiệu quả
eg: The managers had a very _____ meeting and we able to solve many of the problems.

427. productive(adj) năng suất, sản lượng cao
eg: Alonzo is excited about his _____ sales territory.

428. profession(n) nghề nghiệp
eg: Coooking is considered as much a _____ as is law or medicine.

429. profile(n) sơ lược tiểu sử
eg: The recruiter told him that, unfortunately, he did not fit the job _____.

430. profitable(adj) có lợi, sinh lãi
eg: Our accounting department has helped us to become more _____.

431. progress(n) tiến độ, tiến trình, sự tiến bộ
eg: _____ is being made on the annual report; we expect to see a finished product by next week.

432. prohibit(n) cấm, ngăn cấm
eg: We were _____ed from wearing casual clothes in the office.

433. projected(adj) mang tính chất ước tính (dựa trên số liệu hiện có)
eg: The manager was distressed at the _____ number of staff hours to be paid on the next payroll cycle.

434. promise(v) hứa hẹn, đảm bảo
eg: The sales associate _____ed that our new mattress would arrive by noon on Sunday.

435. promote(v) thăng chức, đề bạt; đưa ra
eg: Even though the sales associate had a good year, it wasn't possible to _____ him.

436. prompt(adj) nhanh chóng, ngay tức thì; (n) kỳ hạn trả nợ
eg: I want a _____ reply to my letter of complaint.

437. proof(v) tìm lỗi
eg: This letter was not _____ed very carefully, it is full of typing mistakes.

438. prospective(adj) thuộc tương lai, sẽ tới về sau
eg: I narrow my list of _____ destinations to my three top choices.

439. protect(v) bảo vệ
eg: Consumer laws are designed to _____the public against unscrupulous vendors.

440. provider(n) nhà cung cấp
eg: The department was extremely pleased with the service they received from the phone _____.

441. provision(n) điều khoản (hợp đồng)
eg: The contract contains a _____ to deal with how payments are made if John loses his job.

442. proximity(n) sự lân cận, trạng thái gần
eg: The fans were worried by the _____ of the storm clouds.

443. pull out(v) rút khỏi, rút lui; (n) sự rút khỏi
eg: The _____ of the bank has left the company without financing.

444. punctual(adj) đúng giờ
eg: Please be on time. the train leaves _____ly at noon.

445. qualification(n) trình độ chuyên môn; (sn) các giấy tờ chứng nhận khả năng
eg: The applicant had so many _____s, the company created a new position for her.

446. quality(n) phẩm chất, đặc tính
eg: The most important _____es we look for in a supplier are reliability and quick response.

447. quote(v) trích dẫn, định giá; (n) đoạn trích dẫn, lời trích dẫn
eg: We were _____d a price of $89 for the room for one night.

448. raise(n) sự nâng, sự tăng (lương)
eg: With his _____, Mr. Nam was able to afford to buy a new car.

449. random(adj) ngẫn nhiên, tình cờ
eg: We made _____ selections from the menu.

450. range(n) phạm vi, lĩnh vực
eg: The _____ of the director's vision is impressive.

451. rate(n) loại, hạng, sự đánh giá, sự xếp hạng
eg: The _____ for the hotel room is too high considering how few services are available on-site.

452. realistic(adj) có óc thực tế
eg: _____ expectations are important when you review your financial statements.

453. reason(n) lý do
eg: We'll never understand the ____ why some music is popular and some is not.

454. recognition(n) sự công nhận, sự thừa nhận
eg: The president's personal assistant was finally given the _____ that she has deserved for many years.

455. recommend(v) khuyên, tiến cử
eg: The doctor _____ed that Edwin take off at last a week to rest and regain his health.

456. reconcile(v) làm thích hợp, làm phù hợp
eg: The client used his bank statements to _____ his accounts.

457. record(n) hồ sơ, biên bản, sự ghi chép
eg: Ms. Han typed a written request for her medical _____s.

458. recruit(v) tuyển mộ (thêm nhân viên)
eg: The company's policy is to _____ new employees once a year.

459. rectify(v) sửa lại cho đúng
eg: He _____ed the problem by giving the customer credit for the unused items that she returned.

460. recur(v) quay lại, lặp lại
eg: The managers did not want that particular error to _____.

461. reduction(n) sự giảm bớt, sự thu nhỏ
eg: The _____ in office staff has made it necessary to automate more job functions.

462. refer(v) ám chỉ, nhắc đến
eg: As soon as Agnes ____ed to the failed treatment, everyone's mood soured.

463. reflect(v) phản chiếu, phản ánh
eg: An inaccurate inventory count _____s poorly on the store.

464. refund(n) tiền trả lại; (v) hoàn lại
eg: With the tax _____, we bought two plane tickets/

465. regardless(adj) bất chấp, mặc dù
eg: _____ of the cost, we all need health insurance.

466. register(v) đăng ký, ghi danh
eg: Hotels ask all guests to _____ and give a home address.

467. registered(adj) đã đăng ký, bảo đảm (thư)
eg: Send this parkage by _____ mail and insure it for $500.

468. regularly(adv) thường xuyên, đều đặn, theo quy tắc
eg: She brushes _____ after every meal.

469. regulation(n) quy định, quy tắc, điều lệ; (v) điều khiển, điều tiết
eg: We followed all the state _____s for food safety.

470. rehearse(v) diễn tập, tập kịch
eg: The players _____ed for only three weeks before the show opened.

471. reinforce(v) tăng cường, củng cố
eg: The employees were expected to _____ what they had learnt at the workshop by trying it out in the workplace.

472. reject(v) từ chối, bác bỏ
eg: Even though Mr. Lukin _____ed their offer, they remain in contact.

473. relatively(adv) hơi, tương đối
eg: The train is _____ empty for this time of day.

474. relaxation(n) sự nghỉ ngơi, sự giải trí
eg: Listening to soothing music before bedtime provides good _____.

475. release(v) phát hành, cấp phép
eg: The film was finally _____ed to movie theaters after many delays.

476. relinquish(v) từ bỏ, giao, dâng, nộp
eg: People find it hard to _____ their accustomed food preferences and try something new.

477. rely(v) tin cậy, dựa vào
eg: I have always ____ed on the restaurant advice this guidebook gives.

478. remainder(n) phần còn lại, chỗ còn lại, số dư
eg: We will move you to a less expensive room and credit the _____ of what you've already paid to your charge card.

479. remember(v) nhớ, ghi nhớ, nhớ lại
eg: I will _____ the combination to the safe without writing it down.

480. remind(v) nhắc nhở, làm nhớ lại
eg: Ms. Smith was annoyed at having to _____ the waitress to bring the check.

481. remote(adj) xa, xa xôi, hẻo lánh
eg: I was surprised to find train service to such a _____ location.

482. repel(v) khước từ, cự tuyệt, đẩy lùi
eg: Umbrellas that do not _____ water should never be passed through quality control.

483. replace(v) thay thế
eg: I've _____ed the hard drive that was malfunctioning.

484. represent(v) tiêu biểu cho, tượng trưng cho, đại diện cho
eg: The actor _____ed the ideals of the culture.

485. reputation(n) danh tiếng, thương hiệu
eg: The company knew that the _____ of its products was the most important asset it had.

486. require(v) yêu cầu, đòi hỏi
eg: The law requires that each item clearly display the warranty information.

487. research(n) sự nghiên cứu
eg: For toy manufacturers, _____ can be pure fun.

488. reserve(n) đặt; giữ trước, để dành
eg: The bride and groom _____ed a block of rooms at the hotel for guests comming to their wedding from out of town.

489. resolve(v) giải quyết (vấn đề)
eg: The mediator was able to _____ the problem to everyone's satisfaction.

490. resource(v) tài sản, tài nguyên
eg: The company's most valuable _____ was its staff.

491. respond(v) trả lời, đáp ứng, phản ứng lại
eg: You should _____ to the invitation to attend the museum gala.

492. responsibility(n) bổn phận, nhiệm vụ, trách nhiệm
eg: Another _____ of product development is to ensure that there will be a demand for the product.

493. restore(v) phục hồi
eg: The cleaning _____ed the whiteness of my teeth.

494. restriction(n) sự hạn chế. sự giới hạn
eg: There is a strict _____ on the number of free withdrawals a customer can make on his account each month.

495. result(n) hậu quả, kết quả
eg: Your lab _____s won't be ready for hours

496. retire(v) về hưu
eg: Many people would like to win the lottery and _____.

497. return(n) tiền lời; doanh lợi, thu nhập
eg: Some investor are satisfied with a 15 percent _____, while others want to see a much larger_____.

498. review(n) sự phê bình, bài phê bình (cuốn sách, vở kịch); (v) phê bình
eg: The newspaper sent a rank amatuer to _____ the play.

499. revise(v) duyệt lại, sửa đổi
eg: The brochure was _____ed several times before it was sent to printer.

500. revolution(n) cuộc cách mạng, sự xoay vòng
eg: My CD player is broken; the disk cannot make a complete _____ around the magnet.

501. risk(n) nguy cơ, mối nguy hiểm
eg: Expanding into a new market is a big _____.

502. run(v) hoạt động
eg: As long as the computer is _____ing, you can keep adding new data.

503. salary(n) lương tháng
eg: The receptionist believed that he worked too hard for such a small _____.

504. sample(n) mẫu, (v) lấy mẫu, thử mẫu
eg: The pharmacist gave Myra a few free _____s of the allergy medication.

505. satisfy(v) làm hài lòng
eg: If you don't know what kind of gift will _____ your friend, think about giving a gift certificate instead.

506. scan(v) nhìn lướt, quét
eg: Jasmine quickly _____ed the list to see if any information was missing.

507. schedule(n) lịch trình làm việc, thời gian biểu; (n) lập thời gian biểu, lên lịch làm việc
eg: The museum offers a _____ of guided tours.

508. scrutinize(v) nhìn kỹ, xem xét kỹ lưỡng, nghiên cứu cẩn thận
eg: After three months of _____ing the employee's work, the manager decided that he had, in fact, improved quite considerably.

509. search(v) tìm kiếm
eg: The computer _____ed for all names that began with W.

510. secure(v) đạt được, chiếm được, tìm được, đảm bảo
eg: The hostess _____ed us another chair, so we could eat together.

511. select(v) chọn
eg: The winners were _____ed from the conference registrants.

512. sense(n) cảm giác, khả năng phán đoán
eg: I got the _____ it would be better to get my prescription filled right away.

513. seperate(adj) riêng rẽ. tách rời
eg: The financial and artistic team are usually in _____ divisions.

514. serious(adj) nghiêm trọng, trầm trọng
eg: The impact of the _____ news could be read on everyone's face.

515. service(n) dịch vụ; sự phục vụ
eg: Mr. Rockmont called room _____ to order a late-night snack.

516. session(n) kỳ họp, phiên họp
eg: The morning _____s tend to fill up first, so sign in early.

517. settle(v) xác định (nơi chốn); thanh toán (hoá đơn), trả (tiền)
eg: We _____ed the bill with the cashier.

518. set up(v) sắp xếp, xếp đặt
eg: _____ a time and place for the meeting and then inform everyone who is involved.

519. sharp(adj) nhọn, sắc, đột ngột, (người) thông minh
eg: The new employee is extremely _____, being able to learn the new program in a few days

520. ship(v) chuyển đi, gửi đi
eg: Very few customers think about how their parkages will be _____ed, and are seldom home when the parkages arrive.

521. shut down(v) tắt
eg: Please _____ the computer before you leave.

522. signature(n) chữ ký
eg: The customers' _____ were kept on file for identification purposes.

523. significant(adj) đầy ý nghĩ, quan trọng đáng kể
eg: The use of lambs to symbolize innocence is _____ in Western art.

524. site(n) nơi, chỗ; (v) đặt, để
eg: Once we saw the _____, we knew it would be perfect for the event.

525. situation(n) tình thế, trạng thái
eg: The vast number of different air fares available makes for a complicated _____.

526. skills(n) sự khéo léo, sự tinh xảo, tay nghệ cao
eg: The software developer has excellent technical _____, and would be an asset to our software programming team.

527. smooth(adj) trôi chảy, êm thấm, hoà nhã
eg: Her _____ manner won her the appreciation of the manager but not her colleagues

528. software(n) phầm mềm, chương trình chạy trên máy tính
eg: The new _____ allows me to intergrate tables and spreadsheets into my reports.

529. sold out(adj) bán hết (vé, hàng)
eg: We expect that this play will be a smash and _____ quickly.

530. solve(v) giải quyết, tháo gỡ (vấn đề)
eg: One of the biggest problems to _____ is why people would want to own the new product.

531. source(n) nguồn, nguồn gốc
eg: I can't tell you the ____ of this information.

532. specialize(v) chuyên về, chuyên môn hoá
eg: The museum shop _____s in Ming vases.

533. specify(v) chỉ rõ, định rõ
eg: The letter does not _____ which attorney is handing our case.

534. spectrum(n) một dãy, một chuỗi
eg: The whole _____ of artistic expression was represented in the water-color.

535. spouse(n) chồng, vợ
eg: You may invite your _____ to the company party.

536. stage(v) trình diễn
eg: A historic house can be the perfect site to _____ a small reception.

537. statement(n) bản kê khai, bản báo cáo tài chính
eg: The billing _____ was filed with the insurance company last month.

538. stationery(n) đồ dùng văn phòng
eg: We do not have enough _____, so please order some more.

539. stay on top of(v) cập nhật/ nắm bắt thông tin mới nhất
eg: In this industry, you must _____ current developments.

540. stock(n) nguồn hàng, nguồn cung cấp; (v) tích trữ
eg: The office's _____ of toner for the fax machine was quickly running out.

541. storage(n) nơi lưu trữ, kho
eg: The double-sided disk has _____ storage room for up to 500 megabytes of data.

542. strategy(n) chiến lược
eg: A business plan is a ____ for running a business and avoiding problems.

543. strict(adj) chính xác, nghiêm ngặt
eg: There is a _____ limit of four item per person that can be taken into the changing room.

544. strong(adj) mạnh mẽ, kiên cố, vững chắc
eg: Even in a _____ economic climate, many businesses fail, so do your planning carefully.

545. subcriber(v) đặt mua dài hạn; (n) thuê bao, người đặt mua
eg: Jill _____s to a gardening magazine.

546. subjective(adj) chủ quan
eg: The reviews in this guidebook are highly _____, but fun to read.

547. subject to(adj) khuất phục, tuân thủ, phụ thuộc
eg: This contract is _____ all the laws regulations of the state.

548. submit(v) nộp, trình
eg: _____ your resume to the human resouces department.

549. substantial(adj) giàu có, có tài sản, quan trọng, có giá trị lớn.
eg: There is a _____ difference in the price for the two air fares.

550. substitute(v) thay thế, thế chỗ
eg: Don't try to _____ intuition for good planning.

551. subtract(v) lấy đi, trừ đi
eg: Once you ring up an item, the computer automatically _____s it from the inventory log.

552. success(n) sự thành công, thắng lợi
eg: When the manager won an award, he attributed his _____ to his colleagues.

553. successive(adj) kế tiếp, liên tục, lần lượt
eg: Somehow the _____ images were interrupted and had to be edited again.

554. sufficient(adj) đủ
eg: The postage on that box is not _____ to get it to its destination.

555. suggest(v) đề nghị
eg: I _____ you think about the specials, since they are very good today.

556. suitable(adj) phù hợp, thích ứng
eg: I have finally found a health plan that is _____ for my needs.

557. supervisor(n) người giám sát
eg: A good _____ gets his team to work with him, not just for him.

558. supply(v) cung cấp, đáp ứng nhu cầu; (n) kho dự trữ
eg: By making better use of our _____ es, we can avoid ordering until next month.

559. system(n) hệ thống
eg: The airline _____ covers the entire world with flights.

560. systematic(adj) có hệ thống, có phương pháp
eg: Any researcher know that creative thinking is necessary, but _____ analysis is indispensable.

561. take back(v) nhận lại, rút lại
eg: Good quality control significantly limits the number of products _____ for a refund.

562. take out(v) thu hồi, rút lui
eg: My checking account allows me to _____ money at any bank branch without a fee.

563. take part in(v) tham gia, tham dự
eg: We could not get enough people to _____ the meeting, so we canceled it.

564. target(n) mục tiêu; (v) đặt mục tiêu
eg: Most managers _____ desired income as the primary criterion for success.

565. taste(n) sự nếm (thức ăn), khả năng nhận thức (vị), khiếu thẩm mĩ, khẩu vị
eg: This music does not appeal to my _____s; but I'm old fashioned.

566. technical(adj) chuyên môn, kỹ thuật
eg: The computer can only be repaired by someone with _____ knowledge.

567. tedious(adj) tẻ nhạt, thiếu hấp dẫn
eg: Counting merchandise all weekend is the most _____ job I can imagine.

568. tempt(v) cám dỗ, quyến rũ
eg: I am _____ed by the idea of driving across the country instead of flying.

569. terms(n) điều kiện, điều khoản
eg: The _____ of payment were clearly listed at the bottom of the invoice.

570. theme(n) đề tài, chủ đề
eg: The caterers prepared food for a party with a tropical island theme.

571. thorough(adj) hoàn toàn, kỹ lưỡng
eg: The story was the result of _____ research.

572. thrill(n) sự rùng mình (hoảng sợ), sự rộn ràng (vì vui sướng)
eg: The thought of renting a sports car gave John a _____.

573. throw out(v) vứt bỏ
eg: It is cheaper to _____ shoddy products than to lose customers.

573. tier(n) tầng, lớp, bậc
eg: If you are on a budget, I suggest you think about renting a car from our lowest _____.

574. time-consuming(adj) dài dòng, tốn thời gian
eg: Even though it was _____, all of the participants felt that the open house was very worthwhile.

575. training(n) sự đào tạo
eg: The new hire received such good _____ that, within a week, she was as productive as the other workers.

576.transaction(n) công việc kinh doanh, giao dịch
eg: Banking _____s will appear on your monthly statement.

577. translation(n) sự chuyển, sự dịch, bản dịch
eg: The _____ of the statement from Japanese into English was very helpful.

578. trend(n) xu hướng, mốt, cái đang thịnh hành
eg: The clothing store tries to stay on top of all the new _____s

579. turnover(n) sự luân chuyển vốn; số lượng công nhân thay thế (những người thôi việc trong một thời gian nhất định)
eg: We have to add another production shift to keep up with the high _____ rate.

580. typical(adj) tiêu biểu, đặc thù
eg: Part of a category summary is defining the expenses that are _____ to the business in question.

581. uniform(adj) đồng dạng, cùng kiểu
eg: A successful company wil ensure _____ quality of its products.

582. update(v) cập nhật; (n) thông tin mới nhất
eg: Our latest _____ shows that business is down 15 percent.

583. urge(v) nài nỉ, cố thuyết phục/ thúc giục; (n) sự ham muốn mạnh mẽ
eg: I get the urge to play the guitar every time I pass a music store window.

584. usual(adj) thường lệ, thường dùng
eg: It is not _____ for that kind of surgery to be performed on an outpatient basic.

585. valid(adj) có hiệu lực, hợp lệ
eg: I need to make certain that my passport is ____ if we plan to go overseas this December.

586. value(n) giá trị, ý nghĩa
eg: It is difficult to put a ____ on the work that an employee does.

587. vary(v) thay đổi, biến đổi
eg: The amount of protection offered by different policies will _____.

588. verbal(adj) bằng lời
eg: Excellent _____ skills are expected in the marketing department.

589. verify(v) xác minh, thẩm tra, kiểm lại
eg: I can't _____ the accuracy of these numbers, since I was not present for inventory weekend.

590. vested(adj) được trao cho, được quyền
eg: The day that Ms. Weng becomes fully _____ in the retirement plan, she gave her two weeks' notice.

591. volunteer(n) tình nguyện viên ; (v) xung phong làm
eg: My doctor _____ed to call the drugstore, so my medication would be waiting for me.

592. wage(n) tiền công; lương (trả theo giờ làm việc)
eg: Hourly _____ have increased by 20 percent over the last two years.

593. warn(v) cảnh báo
eg: The flashing light ____s the computer user if the battery is low.

594. waste(v) lãng phí; (n) rác, vật không có giá trị
eg: Withour a leader, the group members _____ed time and energy trying organize themselves.

595. weakness(n) nhược điểm
eg: The candidate's only _____ seems to be her lack of experience in fund-raising.

596. wise(adj) thông thái, sáng suốt, có kinh nghiệm, hiểu biết nhiều
eg: Are you sure it was a _____ decision to pull out all of your investments.

597. withhold(v) kìm lại, giữ lại, giấu
eg: My employer _____s money from each paycheck to apply toward my income taxes.

598. wrinkle(n) nếp gấp (vải, quần áo)
eg: A _____ in the finish can be repaired more economically before a sale that after.

599. yield(n) sản lượng, lợi nhuận; (v) sinh lợi
eg: The company's investment _____ed high returns.


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