Đề thi HKI tiếng Anh 11 ( có đáp án) - Đề số 1

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Đề thi học kỳ 1 tiếng Anh 11 - đề số 1 có đáp án hay và đặc sắc.


NĂM HỌC: 2016- 2017

Thời gian: 45 phút

I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. (1.0 pts) 
1. A. answer                          B. wheel                      C. wet                         D. away
2. A. against                          B. garage                    C. bridge                    D. game 
3. A. decrease                        B. remote                  C. complete                D. people 
4. A. understand                   B. building                  C. university                         D. use

II. Vocabulary and structures (2.0 pts) 
1. Each nation has many people who ———— take care of others. 
A. volunteers                        B.voluntary               C. volunteer              D. voluntarily
2. The lawn needs mowing again. 
A. repairing                           B. cutting                    C. making                  D. bending
3. The old woman accused the boy________________her window. 
A. on breaking                      B. at breaking            C. in breaking            D. of breaking 
4. He accused me of having broken his mobile phone . 
A. gerund                   B. perfect gerund      C. past participle      D. present participle 
5. Duc: Let's go fishing this afternoon. 
Thuong: ________________________ 
A. Yes, let's                B. No, let us go                    C. I don't want           D. You may go
6. People are now raising money for flood victims. 
A. gerund                   B. present participle            C. perfect gerund      D. perfect participle
7. The table needs to tidy up after the dinner. 
     A              B        C              D
8. “ Don’t cross the river, it’s full of crocodiles” the guider said.
A. The guider wanrned us not crossing the river, it’s full of crocodiles 
B. The guider wanrned us against not crossing the river, it’s full of crocodiles 
C. The guider wanrned against not crossing the river, it’s full of crocodiles 
D. The guider wanrned us against crossing the river, it’s full of crocodiles

III. Give the correct form of the verbs ( 2pts) 
1. Lan has spent much time ( learn ) _____________ new words.
2. Harry says he doesn't remember ( meet) ___________ Sally before. 
3. After finishing his work, he (decide) ___________ to go out.

4. They went home after they ( finish) ____________ their work. 
5. Don’t phone her just now. She (talk) ___________to her boss.
6. I think she is the nicest person I (ever meet) ______________. 
7. There was nobody at the office. Mr. Brown (allow) ____________ the staff to go home. 
8. ( lose) _________ the match, the team traveled home in deep spirit.

IV. Rewrite the sentences as suggested ( 3.5pts)
1. Because I had already eaten that food several times, I didn't want it . 
2."It was nice of you to invite me to the dinner. Thank you," Miss Lien said to Trang. 
3.She said to me " I always want to run my own business" . 
4. " I'm sorry I didn't ring you to say I'd be late." he said
5. You were talking to Trang at Tnice café when I went pass. 
6. "Why don't you install gas central heating?" said the advertiser. ( SUGGEST) 
7.The man wasn’t able to understand English, so he didn’t know what I said. (Use: present participle) 

V. Read the passage carefully then answer the questions below (1.5 pt )


The ancient Greeks first had the idea of getting men together every four years to hold and witness sporting events ( in those days women did not participate, though they had their own, independent, events).The idea was to have the best athletes from all over Greece gather in one field and compete every four years. All wars and fighting had to stop while the athletes and their supporters came together in the town of Olympia for a few days to compete in a few events, mostly related to warfare ( throwing the javelin, running, wrestling, boxing and chariot racing). The idea of having the modern Games was suggested in the mid 19th century but they weren't a world event until 1896. Besides being postponed because of wars, they have been held since then every four years in different cities in the world.

Anwer the questions below: 
1. Where did the Olympic Games originate ? 
2. How often do the modern Games take place ? 
3. When did the modern Olympic Games become a world event ?



Thực hiện: Ban Chuyên môn Tuyensinh247.com

I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
1. A                 2. C                 3. B                 4.A

II.Vocabulary and structures 
1. D                 2. B                 3. D                 4.B

5. A                 6. B                7. C                 8. D

III. Give the correct form of the verbs
1. leaning       2. meeting                  3. Decided                 4. had finished         

5. is talking     6. have ever met      7. had allowed           8. Having lost

IV. Rewrite the sentences as suggested
1. Having already eaten that food several times, I didn't want it .
2.  Miss Lien thanked Trang forinvitingherto the dinner.
3. She told me that she dreamed ofrunningherown business. 
4. He apologized (to me) fornotringingmeto say he'dbe late.
5. I saw you talking to Trang at Tnice café when I went pass.
6. The advertiser suggested installing gas central heating.
7. Not being able to understand English, sohe didn’t know what I said.
 V. Answer the question
1. It originated in Greece. 
2. They take place every four years.
3. They became a world event until ( after/ since) 1896.


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