30 câu luyện tập về động từ khuyết thiếu (Có video chữa)

Cập nhật lúc: 14:53 29-01-2016 Mục tin: Ngữ Pháp (Grammar)

Bài gồm có 30 câu trắc nghiệm luyện tập về động từ khuyết thiếu và có video chữa của Mod tiếng Anh của tuyensinh27.com Cao Nhân Trung.



  1. You ___ be kidding! That can't be true.
    a. ought to       b. have to                    c. should                      d. need
  2. Ted's flight from Amsterdam took more than 11 hours. He ___ be exhausted after such a long flight.
    a. can               b. must                                    c. had better                d. has
  3. He ___ them to promote him to manager; after all, he isn’t even a qualified engineer.
    a. shouldn’t be expecting        b. needn’t have expected
    c. can’t have expected                        d. wouldn’t be expecting
  4. The television isn't working. It ___ damaged during the move.
    a. must             b. must have been       c. must be                    d. must have
  5. To remain on the safe side, we should not take things for granted and should be able to cope with all kinds of contingency; in Salts, for instance, the villagers ___ for accommodating all the visitors.
    a. may have been unprepared  b. need not to be prepared
    c. must not be prepared           d. may be unprepared
  6. Kate: ___ hold your breath for more than a minute?
    Jack: No, I can't.
    a. Might you    b. Are you able to       c. Can you                   d. Will you
  7. You ___ be rich to be a success. Some of the most successful people I know haven't got a penny to their name.
    a. can't             b. shouldn't                 c. don't have to                       d. mustn’t
  8. The company had sent the advertisement to the newspaper when they realised they’d mistyped the salary they were offering for the position. Luckily, they ___ the newspaper to correct their mistake before they printed it.
    a. could have asked                 b. must have asked
    c. were able to ask                   d. might have asked
  9. Susan ___ hear the speaker because the crowd was cheering so loudly.
    a. couldn't       b. might not                 c. can't                         d. doesn’t
  10. I've redone this math problem at least twenty times, but my answer is wrong according to the answer key. The answer in the book ___ be wrong!
    a. should          b. have to                    c. must                         d. could
  11. You ___ worry so much. It doesn't do you any good. Either you get the job, or you don't. If you don't, just apply for another one. Eventually, you will find work.
    a. can't             b. don't have to                       c. shouldn't                  d. may not
  12. ___ we move into the living room? It's more comfortable in there and there's a beautiful view of the lake.
    a. Will              b. Must                                    c. Shall                                    d. Dare
  13. If I had gone white water rafting with my friends, I ___ down the Colorado River right now.
    a. would be floating                b. would have floated
    c. would float                          d. would have been floated
  14. At first, my boss didn't want to hire Sam. But, because I had previously worked with Sam, I told my boss that he ___ take another look at his resume and reconsider him for the position.
    a. has to           b. must                                    c. ought to                   d. will
  15. You ___ take along some cash. The restaurant may not accept credit cards.
    a. had better    b. has to                       c. can                           d. dare
  16. When it turned out that Alice ___ to hospital before July, I phoned the agency  to cancel the bookings. I didn’t want to risk losing the money, in case she did.
    a. needed have gone   b. might have to go
    c. could have gone      d. needed to have gone
  17. The machine ___ on by flipping this switch.
    a. could be turning                  b. can be turned
    c. may turn                              d. need turning
  18. You ___ forget to pay the rent tomorrow. The landlord is very strict about paying on time.
    a. couldn't       b. don't have to                       c. mustn't                     d. needn’t
  19. Do you always have to say the first thing that pops into your head. ___ you think once in a while before you speak?
    a. Can not        b. Don't                       c. Can't                                    d. Why
  20. The lamp ___ be broken. Maybe the light bulb just burned out.
    a. could not     b might not                  c must not                   d. cannot
  21. Initially I was opposed  to the idea, but after I had seen the research, I ___ that the project was a good one.
    a. must have agreed                b. would have agreed
    c. ought to agree                     d. had to agree
  22. If you like, we ___ volleyball with the children while the men ___ up the barbecue.
    a. could play - are setting        b. could have played - have set
    c. will play - were setting        d. can play - had been setting
  23. We really should have checked whether the covered bazaar is open on Sundays. We ___ somewhere else, but now we’ve wasted our afternoon coming here.
    a. visited          b. had visited              c. could have visited   d. have been visiting
  24. She ___, but luckily, a lifeguard spotted her and rescued her.
    a. has drowned                                    b. ought to drown
    c. could have drowned                       d. might drown
  25. It’s absurd! In the first section they praise us for preventing a “major epidemic” and in the next one they write that we ___ so many people.
    a. needn’t have vaccinated     b. didn’t need to vaccinate
    c. didn’t need vaccinate                      d. needn’t to have vaccinated
  26. “Must I take my umbrella?” - “No, you ___. It’s not going to rain.”
    a. mustn’t        b. have to        c. needn’t        d. don’t
  27. I can’t believe it. She ___ it by herself. It weighs over a ton.
    a. couldn’t lift                                     b. might not lift
    c. may not have been able to lift                     d. can’t have lifted
  28. The Prince’s aircraft had to undergo a security check and so we ___ to him for almost an hour. Father was very impressed as normally he could have counted on nothing more than a handshake.
    a. might talk                            b. were able to talk
    c. could have talked                d. may have talked
  29. The book is optional. My professor said we could read it if we needed extra credit. But we ___ read it if we don't want to.
    a. cannot          b. don't have to                       c.must not                   d. should not
  30. “How many people ___? Remember we will have to cover their travel expenses.”
    - “Well, it’s up to you. I can assure you I won’t protest.”
    a. will we invite                       b. should we invite
    c. we want to invite                  d. would we invite

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